Wesleyan University Campus Housing Policy Addition, February 14, 2011

Wesleyan continues to recognize the right of private societies to organize and function at the University provided that they are formally recognized by the University and comply with applicable University rules and regulations.  Private societies formally recognized by Wesleyan may receive the privileges accorded to student organizations.

If a private society limits its membership to students of a single-sex, then in order to be recognized by the University it must satisfy the requirements for social fraternities and sororities established by Title IX of the federal Education Amendments of 1972. These requirements, as now in effect, exempt the membership practices of single-sex fraternal organizations from Title IX’s anti-discrimination requirements provided that they are tax exempt organizations under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Private societies and their members must comply with all applicable University rules and regulations and also with all applicable local, state and federal law. The rules and regulations of Wesleyan take primacy over the rules and procedures of fraternity, sorority and other private society chapters, alumni corporations and their national organizations.

Wesleyan students are prohibited from using houses or property owned, leased or operated by private societies that are not recognized by the University.  This prohibition includes using such houses or property as residences, taking meals at such houses or property and participating in social activities at such houses or property.

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