West Virginia University’s Speech Policy as of February 11, 2002

From WVU’s student handbook, The Mountie, pages 17–8:
Free Speech Activities, Policy on:

West Virginia University recognizes the right of individuals to pursue their constitutional right of free speech and assembly, and welcomes open dialogue as an opportunity to expand the educational opportunities of our campus community. Individuals or organizations may utilize designated free speech areas on a first-come, first-served basis without making reservations.

The free expression of views or opinions, either by individuals or groups, may not violate any rights of others, disrupt the normal function of the university, or violate the provisions specified in the University Code of Student Conduct. Solicitation is not permitted.

The University reserves the right to relocate or cancel the activity due to disruption from excessive noise levels, traffic entanglement, or if the safety of individuals is in question. Due to the limitations of space on the downtown campus, the two designated areas for free speech and assembly will be the amphitheater area of the Mountainlair plaza and the concrete stage area in front of the Mountainlair and adjacent to the WVU Bookstore.

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