October 12, 2007

FIRE’s Speech Code Widget is a big success! Websites all over the country―from Mattniemi.com (be sure to check out his awesome feature Bad Movie Monday) to Coldspringshops.blogspot.com (the website that inspired us to develop the Widget in the first place)―have posted the FIRE Speech Code Widget, bringing attention to their schools’ red light speech codes. However, looking at the web reports, I’ve realized that many of the people who have put the widget on their website haven’t claimed their free t-shirt!

For those of you who haven’t put up the widget but are interested in doing so, just follow these easy steps:

1. Visit thefire.org/spotlight and select your school by state, region, or just by typing it into the search box.

2. When your school’s page comes up, look on the right sidebar to see the widget for that particular school. Below it is a box with some text in it—select all the text and copy it to the clipboard.

3. Go to your blog or website, and paste in the text wherever you want the widget to appear. It’s made for a sidebar, but should work anywhere.

4. Send us a link to your site with the widget posted on it and your mailing address.

For those of you who have already put the widget up, be sure to let us know so we can send you a stylish and modern, yet comfortable and informative FIRE t-shirt.

The widget is an easy way to help increase awareness about campus speech codes, and the more people know about these codes the more likely they are to fall. Thanks to everyone who has helped bring attention to this ongoing scandal on college campuses!