Library of Congress:Movie Industry pledges cooperation with the government. Washington, D.C., June 25. At a conference with President Roosevelt today, a group of motion picture company executives, led by Will Hays, emphasized the desire of the industry to cooperate with the government. In the front row, left to right: Darney Balaban, Paramount; Harry Chon, Columbia Pictures; Nicholas M. Schenck, Lowe's; Will Hays, and Leo Spitz, RKO. artists; Sidney Kent, 20th Century Fox; N.J. Blumberg, Universal; and Albert Warner, Warner Bros., 6/25/38

Will Hays Becomes the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors Association’s “Movie Czar”

By March 4, 1922

Will Hays leaves President Warren G. Harding’s Cabinet and is hired to form the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors Association as its “movie czar.” The group is formed to replace the National Association of the Motion Picture Industry, which was unable to stop the pro-censorship movement in New York. Hays’ job was ostensibly to clean up movie content by putting pressure on producers.

Later renamed the Motion Picture Association of America, this body goes on to create the rating system based on age appropriateness we know today.

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