William Dunn

August 9, 2013

Bill Dunn’s formal education was in theoretical physics. He then spent two years teaching and researching physics and seven years conducting operations research and systems analysis studies for the U.S. government. By 1974, Dunn had educated himself in the technical trading of futures (commodities) portfolios. He then formed DUNN Capital Management and began trading for clients in October of 1974. He moved the company headquarters from Washington, D.C., to Stuart, Fla., in 1980. DUNN currently manages over $1 billion for institutional and individual clients from around the world. DUNN’s composite track record spans a period of over 30 years and has achieved a return of over 20% per annum, net of all fees and expenses. Dunn is actively involved with a number of libertarian organizations around the country, and his wife, Rebecca, also supports many of these as well as other local civic organizations.