William Paterson University’s Disgrace

August 10, 2005

Fully understanding that geographical distance is no reason not to weigh in on affronts to the most crucial liberties, the editorial board of The Daily Cougar, the University of Houston’s student newspaper, has written a superb piece on FIRE’s case at William Paterson University. After summarizing the facts of the case, the editorial board correctly points out:

As a student and employee, it stands to reason that Daniel should have the right to express his views to the faculty and staff of the publicly funded institution, especially considering he didn’t even begin the exchange. His message was in no way personal, and it’s hard to interpret the situation as anything but a student being persecuted for expressing ideas not in line with those of the university’s higher-ups.

Free speech that’s only free for those who share the views of those in power is in many ways more dangerous than outright persecution. Those at Paterson responsible for the decision are a disgrace to the ideals to which higher education should be loyal.

A disgrace indeed—so much of one that David is scheduled to discuss this incredible case on national television later this week. Stay tuned to FIRE’s website for more details.

Schools:  William Paterson University University of Houston