Your Right to Know, Your Right to Speak – A Guide for International Students and other members of the University Community – Some Possible Situations of Sexual Harassment

August 28, 2013

Sexual harassment is unwelcome behavior that is sexual and which is sufficiently severe and/or pervasive so as to reasonably be construed to create a hostile environment. Depending on the total circumstances, the behavior described in the following situations may constitute sexual harassment.

Situation: Male or female teachers make sexual remarks or comments about your body and you feel uncomfortable.

Suggested Response:‘I need to talk about something. I would like you to stop commenting on my body.’

Situation: Your TA visits your apartment and asks to watch a video with you in your room.

Suggested Response: ‘I don’t want you to visit my apartment. I’d like to maintain a professional relationship until the end of the semester.’
(It is generally inappropriate for TAs and faculty members to meet their students off campus and outside regular business hours.)