Bates College

Location: Lewiston, Maine
Type: Private
Federal Circuit: 1st Circuit

Speech Code Rating

Bates College has been given the speech code rating Red. A red light university has at least one policy that both clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech. Read more here.

This school does not have any cases at this time.

Red Light Policies

  • Code of Student Conduct: Actions Against Persons 13-14

    Speech Code Category: Harassment Policies, Statement

    Harassment, intimidation, or bullying:
    This includes acts of intimidation, stalking, confrontation, verbal slurs, insults or taunts, physical force or threat of physical force made with the intention of causing fear, intimidation, ridicule, humiliation, disparagement, disruption to the educational environ-ment, or damage to property. Such acts may be committed in person, by proxy, via telephone or cell phone, via text message, or any electronic means including social networking websites.

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  • Diversity and Inclusion: What is a Hate Crime 13-14

    Speech Code Category: Policies on Bias and Hate Speech, Statement

    A bias incident is any event of intolerance or prejudice, not involving violence or other criminal conduct, intended to threaten, offend or intimidate another because of the other’s race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age or physical or mental disability.

    Examples of bias incidents include hate speech, gay bashing, racist epithets, religious slurs, sexist jokes or cartoons, hate mail, offensive graffiti, or disparaging remarks on social media sites. Such incidents create a socially divisive atmosphere for members of the community targeted and negatively affect the campus climate.

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Green Light Policies
  • Faculty Handbook 13-14

    Speech Code Category: Advertised Commitments to Free Expression, Statement

    Bates values the diversity of persons, perspectives,
    and convictions. Critical thinking, rigorous analysis,
    and open discussion of a full range of ideas lie at the
    heart of the College's mission as an institution of
    higher learning. The College seeks to encourage
    inquiry and reasoned dialogue in a climate of mutual

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  • Sexual Misconduct Policies and Procedures 13-14

    Speech Code Category: Harassment Policies, Statement

    "Sexual Harassment" means conduct, including physical contact, advances
    and comments in person, by proxy, via telephone or cell phone, text message,
    email or any other electronic means including social networking websites that
    (1) was unwelcome to the recipient; (2) is based on sex or gender stereotypes;
    and (3) is so severe or pervasive that it unreasonably interferes with a
    person’s academic performance or equal opportunity to participate in or
    benefit from College programs or activities.

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