‘6 Tips to Protect Your Rights’ Published in ‘The Delta’

February 3, 2012

I’m happy to report that an earlier piece I wrote for The Torch, "6 Tips to Protect Your Rights in College," has been reprinted by The Delta, the national magazine of the Sigma Nu fraternity. This entry, originally published during back-to-school season in September, offers students practical advice on how to protect themselves when dealing with possible violations of their rights or having to defend themselves to campus authorities. (You can read it in The Delta’s interactive issue, page 16.)

I encourage all students to read and reread the whole post (and the many other materials we make available to students at no charge), but will reprint the piece’s final point here, for any student in a bind:

6. Don’t wait—contact FIRE. Don’t wait until you’ve been found responsible for violating campus policies before asking FIRE for help. We have more than a decade of experience defending student rights, and we have won or helped to resolve hundreds of cases involving students. We stand ready to help students whose rights have been violated by their colleges, and we know where to refer students whose cases are outside of our mission. It’s usually far better to get us involved sooner rather than later. If you wish to contact FIRE regarding a potential violation of your rights, I encourage you to submit a case to FIRE through our website.

I hope my brief entry can be of help to the Sigma Nu members at colleges around the country, and to all students, and thank Sigma Nu for reprinting it.