Make your campus a free speech-friendly environment

FIRE’s College Policy Reform team would love to work with you to evaluate and revise your school’s free speech policies and disciplinary procedures. Explore the resources below to learn more about how FIRE can help you to foster a culture of free speech on your campus.

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Protect Free Speech on Your Campus

Resources for college administrators who want to take steps to improve free speech policies and disciplinary procedures on campus.

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FIRE’s 10 common-sense reforms for colleges and universities

In every crisis is an opportunity. As confidence in higher education reaches historic lows and colleges and universities struggle to respond to contentious social and political issues, now is the time for campus leaders to return to first principles and re-establish their institutions as communities devoted to the discovery, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge.

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Correcting Common Mistakes in Campus Speech Policies


This handbook is designed to help university administrators identify and remedy the errors FIRE most often sees when reviewing policies that govern student and faculty speech.

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The Chicago Statement: The Gold Standard for Committing to Free Expression

Model Speech Policy

Censorship of protected speech is becoming more frequent on today’s campuses. Speakers are de-platformed, students are silenced. And often, punishment is levied on speakers engaging in expression that is protected by the First Amendment. But what can be done to change that? The Chicago Statement is a free speech policy statement that combats these dangerous trends by reaffirming a university’s commitment to free speech and free expression on campus – whether you're teaching, researching, protesting, or learning. It is the gold standard for committing to free expression.

Due Process on College Campuses