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FIRE works closely with lawmakers across the country and political spectrum to protect civil liberties. Our Legislative Policy Reform team supports FIRE’s mission on both a state and federal level by advocating on behalf of rights-protective legislation and against proposed laws that threaten student and faculty rights. The project has numerous priorities, including the defense of the due process protections afforded by the current Title IX regulations governing procedures for campus sexual misconduct. It also focuses on passing legislation that defines a national standard for student-on-student harassment, bans “free speech zones” from public college campuses, protects academic freedom, and more.

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Free Speech and Due Process Are Cornerstones of Our Democracy

FIRE promotes legislation and policy that protects our right to freedom of speech and due process, while combating measures that would restrict the exercise of those crucial rights.

Legislative Policy Priorities

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Proposed Changes to Title IX

On June 23, 2022, the Department of Education released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that would revise Title IX regulations. The revision threatens student free speech and due process rights. FIRE urges the Department of Education to revise its proposal to respect student rights, and we will consider all our options to preserve those rights — up to and including legal action.

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The disproportionate nature of sexual assault allegations based on race demonstrates the need for stronger due process and the continuation of the current Title IX regulations.

Are Free Speech and Due Process Protected on Your Campus?

FIRE promotes legislation that protects student and faculty rights to freedom of speech and due process. Is your campus protected?

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FIRE stands ready to help legislators secure legislative victories for student and faculty rights.

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