Announcing the Lineup for FIRE’s Spring Regional Workshop

February 25, 2015

Last week, we announced FIRE’s first ever Spring Regional Workshop to take place March 21 at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Now, my colleague Molly Nocheck and I are proud to announce our line-up of FIRE speakers for the event:

  • Greg Lukianoff, President
  • Will Creeley, Vice President of Legal and Public Advocacy
  • Catherine Sevcenko, Associate Director of Litigation

These three experienced and knowledgeable advocates will work directly with you and other participants to develop a strategy for promoting free speech on campus. Pretty sweet, right?

It’s easy to work up an appetite advocating for your rights, so FIRE will also provide three free meals to attendees throughout the day.

With FIRE speakers, free food, and limited travel scholarships available (stay tuned for more details), this is sure to be an outstanding event. If you’re interested in fighting back against censorship at your school, there’s no better opportunity.

Apply to attend today!