Cameron U. Supposedly Revises Unconstitutional Policies After Student Files Suit

October 9, 2014

Cameron University got a mention on The Torch last May for its unconstitutional restrictions on student speech and for one administrator’s patently incorrect suggestion that university policies trump the First Amendment.

As I reported at the time, Cameron student Daniel Harper filed suit against the public university in Oklahoma after he was told he could not distribute his flyers criticizing a religious group because they were allegedly “offensive” and “discriminatory.” The university’s “Expressive Activity” policy also stated that materials to be distributed must be approved by the Director of Student Development in advance. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which represented Harper, reported last week that Cameron has revised its speech codes in order to comply with the First Amendment.

This is welcome news, and FIRE commends Cameron for finally taking steps to ensure that its students can speak freely on campus. However, the university’s old, problematic policies remain on its website, and ADF’s press release went out eight days ago. Thus, students who haven’t followed the news pertaining to the lawsuit will continue to believe they must comply with these vague and overbroad restrictions. Cameron would be well advised, accordingly, to update its policies online and remove any confusion about students’ free speech rights on campus.

Schools:  Cameron University