Albertson College of Idaho: Speech Code Repeal

Albion College: Student Investigated for Hyperbolic Email about Antifa and ISIS

Albright College: Assault on Academic Freedom to Criticize Administration

American University in Cairo: University Revokes Chaired Title from Professor in Response to Donor Complaints

American University: Denial of Right to Videotape Public Events

American University: Law Students Investigated for Disagreeing with Pro-Life Classmate

American University: Recognition Denied to Political Student Organization

Appalachian State University: Professor Suspended for Classroom Speech

Appalachian State University: Speech Code Repeal

Arizona State University: Petition Website Blocked From University Network

Arizona State University: Racial Restrictions on Class Enrollment (2002)

Arizona State University: Racial Restrictions on Class Enrollment (2005)

Arkansas Tech University: Student “free speech ball” event confined to free speech zone

Ashland University: Professor Denied Tenure Because of Objectivist Scholarship

Asnuntuck Community College: Student Recording Conversation with Governor Suspended, Deprived of Fair Hearing

Auburn University: Administration ‘Considering Options’ Over Lecturer’s Anti-Police Social Media Posts

Auburn University: Ban on Ron Paul Window Hanging Exposes Double Standard

Augsburg University: Professor Suspended After Discussion of Racial Slur

Babson College: Adjunct Faculty Member Terminated Over Facebook Post About Iran

Babson College: Students Charged With Harassment Over Pro-Trump Expression

Ball State University: Policy on Outdoor Expression Used to Censor Professor's Indoor Expression

Ball State University: Threat to Religious Group’s Freedom of Association

Bellevue College: Administrator Issues Moratorium on List of "Racist Statements"

Bellevue Community College: Professor Punished for "Racially Insensitive" Exam Question

Bennington College: Termination of Professor Without a Hearing

Berea College: Administrators Direct Student Publication to Stop Recruiting, Students Not to Interact with It

Berea College: Administrators Pressure Student Group to Cancel Controversial Documentary Screening

Bergen Community College: Professor Sanctioned for Photo of Daughter in 'Game of Thrones' Shirt

Binghamton University, State University of New York: Campus police surveil students, threaten prosecution over anti-racism flyers

Binghamton University: Proposal to Limit Due Process Rights of Greek Organization Connected to Sexual Assault Allegations

Binghamton University: Social Work Student Expelled

Binghamton University: Student Suspended for Posters Criticizing Department of Social Work and Government Agency

Blinn College - Stand Up For Speech Lawsuit:

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania: Greek Organizations Subject to Guilt by Association and Ban on Affiliating with Derecognized Groups

Boise State University: Unconstitutional Security Fees for Gun Rights Activist's Speech

Boston College: Controversial Speaker Disinvited

Boston College: Red Light Rating

Boston University: Compelled Speech Requirements for Theater Faculty

Boston University: Discrimination and Harassment Training Compels Faculty Speech

Bowdoin College: Professor Investigated Because Article Embarrasses the College

Brandeis University: Cancellation of Lenny Bruce-inspired play

Brandeis University: Professor Found Guilty of Harassment for Protected Speech

Brandeis University: Refusal to Provide Due Process to Person Accused of Sex Offense

Brandeis University: Student Journalists Cleared of Charges for Reporting on Sexual Assault Awareness Event

Bridgewater State University: Proposed Changes to Institutional Review Board and Faculty Evaluation Policies

Brooklyn College: Administrative Attempt to Stop Academic Freedom Resolution

Brooklyn College: Possible Investigation of Professor's Expression

Brooklyn College: Public Officials Threaten School Funding Over Controversial Forum

Brooklyn College: Public Pressure Against Student Instructor

Brown University: Wrongful Suspension of Religious Student Group

Bucknell University: University Slams Door on Student Satires of Obama Stimulus Plan and Affirmative Action

Bucks County Community College: Ideological Loyalty Oath for Professors

California Community Colleges: Proposed Regulations Adding Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Criteria to Faculty Evaluation and Tenure Review

California Institute of Integral Studies: Assault on Professor's Academic Freedom

California Institute of Technology: Event Funding Guidelines Restrict Speaker Funding Based On “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion”

California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly): Bias Reporting System Targets "Politically Incorrect" Professors

California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly): Use of Disruption Claim to Suppress Free Speech

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona - Stand Up For Speech Lawsuit:

California State University - San Marcos: Disciplinary Investigation of Humor Magazine

California State University at San Bernardino: Refusal to Recognize Christian Group

California State University Channel Islands: Student Threatened with Discipline for Criticizing University Employees

California State University, Bakersfield: Prohibition on “Politically Related” Posters Prevents Proposition Proponent’s Posting

California State University, Fullerton: Unconstitutional Investigation and Punishment of Sorority Over ‘Inappropriate’ Theme Party

California State University, Long Beach: Censorship of Play Satirizing Racial Stereotypes

California State University, Long Beach: Moratorium on New Student Organizations

California State University, Long Beach: Student On Probation For Email Criticizing Administrators

California: Affirmative Consent Bill Threatens Student Due Process

California: Unconstitutional Discriminatory Harassment Policies

Catawba Valley Community College: Student Banned from Campus after Protesting College's Deal with Debit Card Company on Facebook

Catholic University of America: Rejection of Campus NAACP Chapter

Catholic University of America: Student Investigated for “Arthur” Children’s Cartoon Meme Criticizing Student Group

Central Connecticut State University: Controversy Over Newspaper Cartoon

Central Michigan University: Abridgement of Freedom to Display Patriotic Symbols

Central Michigan University: Assessment of Security Fees for Controversial Speaker

Central Michigan University: Student Group's Freedom of Association Under Attack

Central Washington University: Administrators Steal Newspapers in Response to Coverage of University Budget Cuts

Central Washington University: Student Group Faces De-funding for Protected Expression

Central Washington University: Student Media Face Defunding Threat, Onerous Interview Practices

Century College: Censorship of Mohammed Cartoons

Chicago State University - Stand Up For Speech Lawsuit:

Citrus College - Stand Up For Speech Lawsuit:

Citrus College: Compulsory Anti-War Speech

Citrus College: Speech Code Litigation

City University of New York: Administrative Attempts to Suppress Faculty Speech

Civil Liberties Coalition Raises Concerns about Surveillance of Chinese Students Intending to Study in the United States:

Claremont University Consortium: Free Speech Silenced by Administrators

Clemson University: Free Speech Zone Suspended

Clemson University: Restrictions on Contacting Public Officials

Clemson University: Student Charged with Harassment and Disorderly Conduct for Single Email

Clovis Community College: California College Censors Conservatives on Campus

Coastal Carolina University: Professor Suspended for Criticizing Student Protesters

College of the Holy Cross: Abridgement of Freedom to Display Patriotic Symbols

College of William and Mary: Suppression of Affirmative Action Bake Sale

Collin College: Professors Dismissed Over COVID-19 Criticism, Union Advocacy

Collin Community College District: History Professor Fired for Criticizing Mike Pence and Her College’s COVID-19 Response Online

Collin Community College District: History Professor Fired for Talking About History, Criticizing the College’s COVID-19 Response

Collin Community College District: Professor Unconstitutionally Fired for Unionizing, Criticizing the College’s COVID-19 Response

Colorado College: Student Suspended for Two Years for Joke on Social Media

Colorado College: Students Found Guilty for Satirical Flyer

Colorado State University - Pueblo: Professor's Email Access Blocked After Message Protesting Layoffs

Colorado State University: Student Editor on Trial for Protected Speech

Colorado State University: Students Fight for Rights to Free Speech and Assembly

Columbia Law School: Threat to Punish Professor for ‘Hostile Environment’ Due to Exam Question

Columbia University: Cancellation of Event Focusing on Rule of Law in Turkey

Columbia University: Faculty Academic Freedom Debate

Columbia University: Hockey Club Punished for 'Offensive' Flyer

Columbia University: Ideological Litmus Tests at Teachers College

Columbia University: Violation of Due Process Rights in Sexual Misconduct Policy

Community College of Allegheny County: Student Denied Right to Start Advocacy Organization

Concordia University Wisconsin: Professor Suspended for Article Critical of University

Cooper Medical School of Rowan University: Student Punished Under Unconstitutional Social Media Policy

Cornell University: Diversity-Statement Mandate and Proposed Faculty Educational Requirement Compel Faculty to Affirm Certain Viewpoints

Cornell University: Student Group’s Sign Display Removed from Engineering Quad

Crafton Hills College: Content Warning on Graphic Novel Coursework

Craven Community College: Attempt to Establish Administrative Control over Student Newspaper

Creighton University: Administrators Revoked Approval of Student-Organized Event, Citing Tax-Exempt Status

CSWE: Political Litmus Tests at Schools of Social Work

Cypress College: Professor Placed On Leave Following Viral Video of Classroom Exchange With Student About Police

Dartmouth College: Abolition of Speech Code

Dartmouth College: Administrators Force Andy Ngo Event Online, Citing Safety Concerns

Dartmouth College: Medical School Implements Restrictive Social Media Policy During Academic Misconduct Controversy

Department of Justice: Letter to University of New Mexico Says Title IX Requires Violating First Amendment

Departments of Education and Justice: National "Blueprint" for Unconstitutional Speech Codes

DePaul University: Administrator Bars Use of “Gay Lives Matter”

DePaul University: Censorship of Student Group Protesting Ward Churchill

DePaul University: DePaul Continues to Impose ‘Speech Tax’ on Student Expression

DePaul University: Discrimination against Student Organization

DePaul University: In Multiple Acts of Censorship, DePaul Bans Political Chalking and Two Controversial Speakers

DePaul University: Professor Suspended for Expression Without Due Process

DePaul University: Shutdown of Affirmative Action Bake Sale Protest

DePaul University: Student Punished For Exposing Vandals of Pro-Life Display

Diablo Valley College: Student Newspaper Adviser Dismissed Following Critical Coverage

Dickinson College: Administration and campus security seek to identify anonymous “menofdickinson” Instagram account

Dixie State University - Stand Up For Speech Lawsuit:

Dixie State University: School Rejects Student Group Because Its Name Includes Greek Letters

Doane University: Punishment of librarian who displayed historical blackface photos

Drake University: Student Senate Denies Recognition to Conservative Student Group, Citing ‘Harmful’ Views

Drexel University: Professor Faces Investigation for Controversial Tweets

Duke University: Administrative Ban on Faculty Member’s Website

Duke University: Overbroad and Unjust Sexual Misconduct Policy

Duke University: Police Investigating ‘Homophobic,’ ‘anti-Black’ Messages on Free Expression Bridge

Duke University: Students Supporting Israel Recognition Vetoed Over Social Media Post

Duke University: Women's Center Cancels 'Motherhood' Event

Duquesne University: Professor Suspended for Discussing Impropriety of Racial Slur in Class

East Carolina University: Student Newspaper Adviser Fired After Publication of Streaker Photo

East Carolina University: Viewpoint Discrimination Against Student Organization

East Georgia College: Professor Fired Without a Hearing over Mysterious 'Sexual Harassment' Charge

East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania: Professor Suspended after Joking about Students on Facebook

East Tennessee State University: Basketball Players Denounced for Kneeling During National Anthem

Eastern Virginia Medical School: Medical Student Unconstitutionally Prohibited from Starting Student Club Promoting Healthcare Reform

Eckerd College: Student Government Denies College Republicans Recognition Based on Their President’s Social Media Posts

Elizabethtown College: Conservative Student Group Denied Permission to Host Speaker Opposed to Critical Race Theory

Elizabethtown College: Students Excluded from College-Sponsored Event on Basis of Race

Elizabethtown College: TPUSA Chapter Sanctioned for ‘Fraudulent’ Statement in Online Fundraiser

Emerson College: Conservative Student Group Investigated for Distributing “China Kinda Sus” Stickers

Emory University School of Law: Law Professor Suspended, Faces Termination for Use of Racial Epithet In Class and Conversation with Student

Emory University School of Law: Student Government Denied Recognition to Free Speech Group Because of Opposition to Mission and Purpose

Emory University: Policy Banning Students from Hanging Holiday Decorations

Essex County College — Stand Up For Speech Lawsuit:

Fairfield University: Harassment Charge and Funding Threat Against Student Newspaper

Fairmont State University: Permission Required for Student to Gather Signatures on Campus

Federal Anti-Harassment Bill Threatens First Amendment Rights on Campus:

Ferris State University: Professor Suspended and Investigated for Video Jokingly Referring to Students as ‘Cocksuckers’ and ‘Vectors of Disease’

FIRE Launches Campaign Defending Expressive Rights Across Borders:

FIRE Launches Campaign in Support of University of Chicago Free Speech Statement:

FIRE v. Victim Rights Law Center (S. Ct.) (Closed):

FIRE's Stand Up For Speech Litigation Project:

Flagler College: Rejecting Student Chapter of Young Americans for Liberty Because of Its “Political Agenda”

Florida Atlantic University: Media Policies Silence University Personnel and Hamper Student Journalism

Florida International University: Athletics Press Pass Policy Risks Rights of Student Journalists

Florida International University: Racial and Ethnic Restrictions for Class Enrollment

Fordham University: Prospective Students for Justice in Palestine Chapter Rejected Over Political Beliefs

Fordham University: Student Banned from Campus, Placed on Probation After Instagram Photo Commemorating Tiananmen Square Massacre

Forsyth Technical Community College: Dismissal of Professor for Criticizing Iraq War

Fresno State University: Professor Randa Jarrar’s Tweets Following Death of Barbara Bush Lead to Investigation

Fresno State: College Republicans Under ‘Review’ for Anti-Military Tweets

Frostburg State University: Administration Retaliates Against Student Journalist’s Critical Coverage by Dreaming Up Harassment Investigation

Frostburg State University: RAs Who ‘Bad Mouth’ University’s Response to COVID-19 Face ‘Attitude’ Review

Gainesville State College: President Censors Faculty Art Critical of Confederate Heritage

George Mason University: Unconstitutional Policies and Suppression of Dissent

George Washington University: Jewish Student Suspended for Displaying Souvenir Indian Swastika

George Washington University: Police Investigate Posters Lampooning Conservative Student Group

George Washington University: Secret Informer Line

George Washington University: Violation of Due Process Rights in Sexual Misconduct Policy

Georgetown University Law Center: Students Prevented from Campaigning for Democratic Presidential Candidate Due to Ban on Partisan Political Speech

Georgetown University: Administration Investigating Professor for Quoting Racial Slur From Landmark Supreme Court Case

Georgetown University: Calls to Rescind Incoming Lecturer's Appointment Over Tweets on Successor to Justice Breyer

Georgetown University: Student Newspaper's Censorship of Columnist

Georgetown University: Unequal Treatment of Student Organizations

Gettysburg College: Unjust Sexual Misconduct Policy

Glendale Community College: Professor Sanctioned for Sending E-Mail

Gonzaga University: Censorship of ‘Hate Speech’

Gonzaga University: Refusal to Recognize Christian Pro-Life Club

Governors State University: Censorship of Student Newspaper

Grambling State University: Ban on Core Political Expression

Grand Valley State University: Political Litmus Test in Music Department's Job Requirements

Grand Valley State University: Suppression of Affirmative Action Bake Sale

Hagerstown Community College: Political Clubs Denied Freedom of Association

Hamilton College: Thought Reform of 'Pro-Rape' Male Freshmen

Hamline University: Student Suspended after Advocating Concealed Carry on Campus

Hampton University: Gay and Lesbian Student Group Denied Recognition Without Explanation

Hampton University: Punishment of Students for Literature Distribution

Hardin-Simmons University: Student “No Longer Enrolled” After Videos About Race Issues

Harvard University: Administration Threatened to Cancel ‘Barely Legal’ Party Due to Event’s Name

Harvard University: Blacklisting of Final Club, Fraternity, and Sorority Students

Harvard University: Denial of Due Process for Student Acquitted of Criminal Charges

Harvard University: Due Process Debate

Harvard University: Professor Fired for Newspaper Column

Harvard University: Proposed Speech Codes

Harvard University: Students requested to remove Nicki Minaj flag from suite window

Harvard University: Threat to Discipline Student Newspaper Staff for Publishing Satirical Cartoon

Haskell Indian Nations University: Administration Sends Censorial “Directives” to Student Newspaper Editor and University Employees

Haskell Indian Nations University: Denial of Hearing After Student Kicked Out of Campus Housing

Haverford College: Amendments to Social Honor Code Restrict Student Expression

Hinds Community College: Student Barred from Class

Hood College: Professor Reportedly Fired for Viral Video Discussing Lesbian Identity, Calling Conservatives “The Enemy”

House Judiciary Committee Hearing on “First Amendment Protections on Public College and University Campuses”:

Howard University: Professor Subjected to 504-Day Investigation and Sanctions for Hypothetical Test Question Involving Waxing

Hudson City Schools: Administrators, Police Investigate Hiram College Writing Class

Idaho State University: Suspension of Faculty Senate

Illinois Institute of Technology: Turning Point USA Chapter Denied Recognition Based on Viewpoint

Indian River Community College: Ban on ‘The Passion of the Christ’ and Repression of Free Speech

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis: Student Employee Found Guilty of 'Racial Harassment' for Reading a Book

Indiana University Bloomington: SexFest Event Canceled After Video Causes Controversy

Indiana University Kokomo: Student Sculptures Taken Down After Complaints

Indiana University School of Medicine: Faculty Required to Submit Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statements for Promotion and Tenure

Indiana University South Bend: Student Sanctioned for 'Vagina Monologues' Interview

Indiana University: Public Records Request for Professor’s Emails, Accusation of Policy Violations After Writing About Presidential Search

Indiana University: University Police Launch Investigation Into Anonymous Offensive Posts on Greek Life Website

Iowa State University - Stand Up For Speech Lawsuit:

Iowa State University: After College Republicans’ “Arm Up” Tweet, Pledge to Punish “Any suggestion of Armed Activity”

Iowa State University: Implementation of Iowa’s Anti-Critical Race Theory Law, House File 802

James Madison University: Photographs Seized from Student Newspaper

James Madison University: Proposed Restriction on Campus Spirit Rock

John Carroll University: Administration Cancels Student-Organized Drag Show

Johns Hopkins University: Disciplining of Professor for Pro-War Remarks

Johns Hopkins University: Student Punished for Party Invitation

Johns Hopkins University: Viewpoint Discrimination Against Student Newspaper

Johns Hopkins University: Viewpoint-Based Rejection of Pro-Life Group

Johnson C. Smith University: Students Accused of Criminal Conspiracy Told Not to Speak Out

Joliet Junior College — Stand Up For Speech Lawsuit:

Jones County Junior College — Stand Up For Speech Lawsuit:

Kansas Board of Regents Approves Vague and Overbroad Social Media Policy:

Kansas City Art Institute: Student Expelled for Retweeting Hentai

Kansas State University: Administration “Reviewing Options” After Student Tweets About George Floyd

Kent State University: Proposed Restriction on Campus Free Speech Rock

Kirkwood Community College: Professor Removed From Class Following Anti-Trump Facebook Post, Affiliation With Antifa

Know Your IX et al. v. DeVos:

Lake Superior State University: Veteran Professor Ordered to Remove Posted Materials from Office Door

Lakeland Community College: Disciplining of Professor for Religious Speech

Lane Community College: Student Newspaper Funding Reduced Because of Content

Lawrence University: Students for Free Thought Denied Recognition

Le Moyne College: Dismissal of Student for Dissenting Views

Le Moyne College: Dismissal of Student Newspaper Adviser

Lehigh University: Refusal to Permit Patriotic Displays

Lewis & Clark College: Students Required to Participate in Racially Segregated Student Orientation Event

Lewis & Clark College: Two Students Guilty of 'Harassment' for Racial Jokes at Party

Liberty University: Tradition of Student Press Censorship

Linfield College: Student Group’s Event Canceled Due to Speaker’s Tweet

Linfield University: Professor Investigated for Personal Social Media Posts Emphasizing Tensions Between English and Business Departments

Linfield University: Tenured Professor Terminated Without Due Process for Criticizing University

Lone Star College: Student Group Threatened with Probation and Derecognition for Posting Flyer

Long Island University Post: Student Called to Mandatory Meeting over Non-Threatening Recreational Shooting Pictures

Long Island University Post: Student Summoned to Conduct Meeting for Alleged Possession of Forbidden Flyers

Lopez v. Candaele:

Los Angeles City College: Threats to Freedom of the Press

Los Angeles Pierce College – Stand Up For Speech Lawsuit:

Louisiana State University - Stand Up For Speech Lawsuit:

Louisiana State University: Threat to Muslim Group's Freedom of Association

Loyola University Chicago: “Media Relations Policy” Restricts Student Journalists’ Access to Faculty and Staff Sources

Loyola University Chicago: Censorship of "Free Speech Wall"

Lyle v. Warner Brothers Television Productions et al.: Lawsuit Threatening Expansion of Sexual Harassment Codes

Macomb Community College: Censorship of Professor’s Classroom Speech

Marquette University: Faculty Member Facing Loss of Tenure for Opinions on Blog

Marquette University: Political Quote Banned from Office Door

Marshall University: Microbiology Professor Fired for Hyperbolic Classroom Speech About COVID-19 and Trump Supporters

Marshall University: Racially Restricted Orientation Classes

Maryland Institute College of Art: Faculty Member Disciplined for Comments About Free Expression

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Students Prohibited from Asking Others to Wear Masks

Michigan State University: Funding Rejected for Free-Market Scholar's Speech

Michigan State University: Group Charged for Showing Controversial Film

Michigan State University: Program of Thought Reform

Michigan State University: Reported Investigation Into Identity of Anonymous Internet Commenters

Michigan State University: Student Government Official Threatened with Suspension for E-mailing Faculty about University Scheduling Concerns

Midwestern State University: Professor’s Criticisms of Police and ‘White People’ Violate ‘Respect’ Policy

Milwaukee School of Engineering: Threat to Christian Group’s Freedom of Association

Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning: Tenure Review Considers “Effectiveness in Communications,” “Collegiality”

Missouri State University: Investigation of Student Paper for Editorial Cartoon

Missouri State University: Political Litmus Test in School of Social Work

Model Code of Student Conduct: FIRE Writes to 38 Higher Education Groups Encouraging Their Members to Adopt Model Code

Modesto Junior College: Students Barred from Distributing Constitutions on Constitution Day

Mohammed Cartoon Controversy: FIRE Response to Intimidation and Newspaper Disputes

Montana State University: Student Organizations Required to Report Lists of All Event Attendees to Administrators

Montana State University: Students Told to Remove BLM Flag

Montclair State University: Adjunct Hiring Reversed After Trump Assassination Tweets

Montclair State University: Pro-Palestinian Group Fined for ‘Political’ Expression

Montclair State University: Resident Assistants Told to “Refrain” from Making Statements that Would Reflect Badly on the University

Montclair State University: Student Barred from Campus for Violating Unconstitutional 'Gag Order'

Montclair State University: Student Group Faces De-funding for Protected Expression

Montclair State University: Student Group Threatened with Unconstitutional Security Fee

Monterey Peninsula College: Ideological Litmus Loyalty Oath for Professors

Mount St. Mary’s University: Opposition to University President Results in Faculty Firings, Threats to Free Student Press

Muscatine Community College: Administration Cancels Virtual Play After Voicing Concerns About Controversial Themes

Nassau Community College: Board of Trustees Warns Faculty to Stop Voicing Criticism, College President Files Bullying Complaint Against Professor

Nassau Community College: Free Speech Zone

National: Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization

National: White House Task Force on Campus Sexual Assault Jeopardizes Student Due Process

Nationwide: "All-comers" Policies Jeopardize Free Association

Nationwide: Colleges Across the Country Disinvite Commencement Speakers

Nationwide: Password Protection Acts

NCATE: Encouragement of Political Litmus Tests in Higher Education

New Jersey Anti-Bullying Law Threatens First Amendment Rights on Campus:

New Mexico State University: Student Group Charged Unconstitutional Security Fee for Controversial Speaker

New York State Senate Blocks Critics on Twitter:

New York University: Administration Investigating Anti-Zionst Statement by Law Students for Justice in Palestine Following Harassment Complaints

New York University: NYU Grossman School of Medicine Media Policy Muzzles Faculty During Coronavirus Crisis

New York University: Professor Investigated Due to Course Content and Personal Blog Post

New York University: Suppression of Discussion of Mohammed Cartoons

New York v. Department of Education:

North Carolina State University: 'Civility Statement' Prohibits Constitutionally Protected Speech

North Shore Community College: Ideological Litmus Testing for Job Candidates

Northeastern Illinois University: Suppression of Affirmative Action Bake Sale

Northern Arizona University: Students Threatened With Discipline for September 11 Commemoration

Northern Illinois University: Unequal Treatment of Political and Religious Student Organizations

Northern Michigan University: Ban on Students Discussing Self-Harm with Peers

Northern Michigan University: Student Punished for Emailing the Student Body a Survey Seeking Anonymous Feedback on University Mental Health Services

Northern Virginia Community College: Discrimination Against Political and Religious Student Groups

Northwestern University: Censorship of Faculty-Produced Bioethics Journal with “Bad Girls” Theme

Northwestern University: Denial of Recognition of Turning Point USA

Oakland University: Student Suspended over His Writing Journal

Oakton Community College: Faculty Member Sent Cease-and-Desist Letter for “May Day” Email

Occidental College: Faculty Council Considers Resolution Threatening the Academic Freedom and Freedom of Conscience of Whole Faculty

Occidental College: Student Found Guilty of Sexual Assault After Incapacitation Standard Is Misapplied

Occidental College: Use of Harassment Charges to Suppress Protected Speech

Ohio University - Stand Up For Speech Lawsuit:

Ohio University: Ban on Student Group Gatherings and Social Media Communications

Ohio University: Political Flyers Censored in Dorms

Oklahoma Christian University: Faculty Librarian Rebuked for Inaction Following Guest Speaker’s Presentation

Oklahoma Christian University: Professor Fired Over Guest Speaker’s Classroom Remarks

Oklahoma City Community College: Class on Race in the United States ‘Paused’ After Legislation on ‘Race or Sex Stereotyping’

Old Dominion University: Professor Placed on Leave for Controversial Statements; Student Protesters’ Calls for Prof’s Firing Painted Over

Orange Coast College: Administrators Demand Removal of Student Group’s Pro-Second Amendment Flags

Orange Coast College: Suspension of Professor Without a Hearing for Political Science Lecture

Pace University: Christian Student Organization Denied Recognition

Pennsylvania et al. v. DeVos:

Pennsylvania House of Representatives Select Committee on Student Academic Freedom:

Pennsylvania State University - University Park: Student Sues for Art Censorship

Pennsylvania State University: Administrators Levy Excessive Security Fees on Student Group After It Holds Political Debate on Campus

Pennsylvania State University: Charges of ‘Discrimination’ Due to Religious Language in Club Constitution

Pennsylvania State University: Disciplining of Professor for Pro-War Remarks

Phi Beta Kappa: Member Institutions' Speech Codes

Plymouth State University: Professors Penalized Over Participation in Criminal Proceeding

Polk State College: Professor’s Provocative Political Artwork Barred from Faculty Art Exhibition

Pomona College: Student Organizations Required to Allow Removal of Leaders for “Inappropriate” Language

Portland State University: Police Cancel International Socialist Organization Meeting, Stand By While College Republicans’ Discussion Disrupted

Portland State University: Student Disciplined for Phone Call to Library Employee

Princeton University: Refusal to Recognize Religious Group

Purdue University Calumet: First Amendment Violations Against Professor Who Criticized Muslims

Purdue University: Refusal to Allow Christian Women’s Group to Require Christian Membership

Quinnipiac University: Freedoms of Press and Association in Jeopardy

Regis University: Regis Shuts Down Student’s Bake Sale Event, Accuses Him of Violating Federal Law

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Prohibition on Homecoming Demonstrations

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Security Officers Oust Flyer-Distributing Students from Sidewalk, Citing Eminent Domain

Rhode Island College: Punishment of Professor for Refusal to Censor Speech

Rhode Island College: Violation of Student’s Freedom of Conscience

Rocky Mountain College: Pro-Life Display of Crosses Too ‘Divisive’

Rogers State University: First Amendment Violations

Rowan College at Gloucester County: Professor Fired After Student Complaints Over Classroom Language and Course Content

Rutgers University: Bias Investigation of Satirical Newspaper

Rutgers University: Refusal to Allow Christian Clubs to Require Christian Leadership

Rutgers University: Student Bar Association Requires Student Groups to Host Ideological Events to Request More Than $250 in Student Fee Funding

Rutgers University: Student Newspaper Defunded After Unconstitutional Referendum

Rutgers University: Tenured professor found guilty of violating discrimination and harassment policy for Facebook posts about gentrification

Saginaw Valley State University: Administration Rejects Flyers Protesting Unconstitutional Posting Policy

Saint Augustine's College: Student Prohibited from Walking at Graduation Due to Facebook Post

Saint Cloud State University: Thought Reform and Suppression of Free Speech

Saint Joseph’s University: Professor Suspended and Investigated for Tweets

Saint Louis Community College: Student Punished for E-mailing Classmates

Saint Louis University: Student Group Prevented from Inviting Potential Political Candidate to Campus

Saint Vincent College: Administration Seizes Control Over Speaker Invitations

Saint Xavier University: Punishment of Professor for Anti-Military Comments

Sam Houston State University: Faculty Member Takes Box Cutter to Students' Free Speech Wall; Police Threaten Students with Misdemeanor

Sam Houston State University: Graduate Student Dismissed After Tweeting About Mistreatment

San Diego Community College District: Chancellor Blocks Professor on Twitter, Dean Asks Professor to Delete Tweet

San Diego State University: Censorship of Pro-American Student Speech

San Diego State University: Professor Reassigned for Quoting Epithets, Teaching Use-Mention Distinction

San Francisco State University: Speech Code Litigation Project

San Francisco State University: Students Investigated for Stepping on Flags

San José/Evergreen Community College District: Professor Fired for Protected Classroom Speech

Santa Ana College: Deflated “free speech ball” leads to critical speech code reforms

Santa Clara University: Student Government Association’s Denial of Recognition to Young Americans for Freedom Chapter

Santa Clara University: Student Government Rejects Turning Point USA Chapter Over Its Political Stances

Santa Clara University: Student Newspaper Censored After Administrators’ Request

Santa Fe College: Campus Police Threaten Censorship of 'Empty Holster' Protest

Santa Rosa Junior College: Overbroad Ban on "Unofficial" Use of College's Initials

Scottsdale Community College: Administrators Promise Professor Will Apologize and Change Course Content After Student Objects to Quiz Questions

Seattle University: Law School Abdicates Authority, Lets Students Decide Whether to Revoke Federalist Society Recognition Based on Viewpoint

Seminole Community College: Refusal to Allow Student to Distribute Literature

Shaw University: Severe Punishment for Criticizing Administration

Shippensburg University: Speech Code Litigation

Sinclair Community College: Police Ban Signs at Religious Freedom Rally

Sinclair Community College: Unconstitutional Ban on Distributing Literature After Class

Skidmore College: Student Government Refuses to Recognize Progressive Zionist Club

Soka University of America: Writing professor investigated after administration claims works by black, brown, queer authors were ‘triggering,’ ‘deviant pornography’

South Carolina Legislature Punishes State Universities for Assigning LGBT-themed Books:

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale: Derecognition of Christian Law School Group

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale: Free Speech Crisis Over Unconstitutional Policies

Southern New Hampshire University: Administration Requires Students Seek Approval of Invitations to Weed Out Controversial Speakers

Southwestern College: Professors Banned from Campus after Students Stray Beyond 'Free Speech Patio'

Southwestern Community College District: Title IX Office FOIAs Student Newspaper for Unpublished Material

St. Charles Community College: Adjunct Faculty Barred from Gathering Petition Signatures

St. John’s University: Professor Accused of Violating Bias Policy for Asking Students to Debate Global Trade

St. Olaf College: Faculty Institute Director Ousted for Inviting Controversial Speakers

St. Thomas University: Due Process Violations

Stanford University: Biased Sexual Misconduct Procedures and Unjust Guilty Finding

Stanford University: Denial of Funding of College Republicans’ Event Featuring Former Vice President Mike Pence

Stanford University: Education Program Tries to Keep Outspoken Student from Enrolling, Demands Access to Private Blog

Stanford University: Law Student Investigated over Email Satirizing Federalist Society, Politicians

Stanford University: Viewpoint-Discriminatory Funding Retraction, Massive Security Fees for Student Group's Conference

State College Area School District: Speech Code Court Decision

State University of New York at Brockport: Speech Code Litigation

State University of New York at Fredonia: Professor Punished for Public Expression

State University of New York at Potsdam: Restrictions on Students Associating with “Banned” Organizations

State University of New York College at Oswego: Student Suspended for Emails to Hockey Coaches

Stetson University: Viewpoint-Based Censorship of Student Magazine

Stockton University: Disciplinary Charges Over Trump Zoom Background and Political Facebook Post

Suffolk County Community College: Abuse of Harassment and Intimidation Charges to Silence Student Journalist

SUNY Brockport: Event Featuring Faculty-Invited Speaker, Jalil Muntaqim, Defunded, Forced Online

SUNY Fredonia: Philosophy Professor Suspended for Philosophizing About Pedophilia

Susquehanna University: Political Campaign Signs Banned in Dormitory Windows Ahead of 2020 Election

Syracuse University: Ban on all fraternity social activity

Syracuse University: Denial of Recognition of Young Americans for Freedom Chapter

Syracuse University: Disciplinary Investigations of Satirical Law School Blog

Syracuse University: Education Student Expelled over Facebook Comments

Syracuse University: Investigation into Professor for Reference to “Wuhan Flu” on Course Syllabus

Syracuse University: Police Threaten to Censor Halloween Costumes

Syracuse University: Student Found Responsible for Threatening Another Student’s Mental Health

Syracuse University: Students threatened with expulsion for satirical fraternity ‘roast’; fires professor who defended free speech

Tarleton State University: Texas University Covers Up Professor’s ‘Highly Inappropriate’ Behavior by Censoring Student Newspaper and Unlawfully Withholding Public Records

Tarrant County College Bans Symbolic 'Empty Holster' Protest:

Temple College: Censorship of Cartoon and Nietzsche Quotation on Professor's Office Door

Temple University: Professor Facing Investigation for Pro-Palestinian Speech

Temple University: Speech Code Litigation

Temple University: Student Group Put on Probation Because of FIRE Speaker

Temple University: Unconstitutional Security Fee for Geert Wilders Presentation

Tennessee Technological University: Professors Punished for Satirical Flyer Criticizing Another Professor

Texas A&M University-San Antonio: Professor Dismissed After Publication of Critical Article

Texas A&M University: Administration Attempts to Move Student Newspaper Under Journalism Department, Demands It Stop Printing

Texas A&M University: Administrators Threaten Autonomy of Student-Run Orientation Camp

Texas A&M University: University Sponsorship Denied to Student Drag Show Without Explanation

Texas Christian University: Student Suspended for Social Media Posts

Texas State University: Independent Student Newspaper Under Fire for Controversial Opinion Column

Texas Tech University: Speech Code Litigation

The Catholic University of America: Adjunct Professor Suspended Over Tweets About Obama, Sen. Kamala Harris

The New School: Professor Subjected to Disciplinary Investigation for Quoting James Baldwin in Class Discussion

The Ohio State University: Columbus Police Use Pepper Spray, Force to Silence Student Journalists Covering Protests

The Ohio State University: Environmental Regulations Invoked to Censor Peaceful Flyer Distribution

The Ohio State University: Refusal to Allow Religious Clubs to Decide Membership Based on Religious Belief

The Ohio State University: Students and Faculty Required to Sign Belief ‘Pledge’

The U.S. Department of Education Releases Proposed Changes to Title IX Regulations that Threaten Free Speech, Due Process - June 23, 2022:

The Women's Student Union v. U.S. Department of Education:

Topic: Campuses Attempt to Censor Publication of Depictions of Mohammed

Transylvania University: Young Americans for Freedom Students Required to Get Permission For “Activism” in a Free Speech Zone

Trinity College: New Social Code Erodes Freedom of Association

Trinity College: Professor Faces Threats, Investigation for Facebook Posts

Trinity College: Student Government Association’s Denial of Recognition to Churchill Club

Troy University: Speech Code Litigation

Truckee Meadows Community College: Math Professor Investigated for Passing Out Fliers Critical of College Academic Standards

Truman State University: Animal Rights Organization Denied Recognition Due to “Emotional” and “Reputational” Risks

Tufts University: 'Cox' T-shirt

Tufts University: Conservative Student Journal Found Guilty of Harassment

Tufts University: Refusal to Allow Evangelical Christian Club to Require Leaders to Share Group's Beliefs

Tufts University: Speech Code Controversy

Tufts University: Use of Sexual Harassment Allegations to Suppress Protected Speech

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights:

U.S. Department of Education enacts new Title IX regulations requiring procedural safeguards in campus disciplinary hearings, adopts Supreme Court sexual harassment definition:

U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights April 4, 2011, Guidance Letter Reduces Due Process Protections:

U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights: Open Letter Requesting Adoption of 'Davis' Harassment Standard

U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights: Federal Lawsuit Challenges April 4, 2011, “Dear Colleague” Letter

UCLA — Stand Up For Speech Lawsuit:

Umpqua Community College: Nursing Student Expelled for Imaginative Discussion Post

University of Akron: Student Acquitted of Crime but Convicted by College Commits Suicide

University of Akron: Unconstitutional Permit Requirements Burden Suppress Student Expression

University of Alabama at Birmingham: Administration ‘Reviewing’ Professor’s Tweet After Rush Limbaugh’s Death

University of Alabama: Attempt to Limit Freedom of Speech and Right to Petition

University of Alabama: Ban on Window Displays

University of Alabama: Disparate Treatment of Conservative Organizations

University of Alabama: Faculty Senate ‘Hate Speech’ Resolution

University of Alabama: Pro-Choice Group Ordered to Get Permit for Non-Disruptive Expression or Face Arrest

University of Alaska Fairbanks: Complaint Over Student Newspaper's Articles Results in Months-Long Harassment Investigation

University of Alaska: Investigation of Protected Speech

University of Arizona: Pro-Life Group Denied Recognition Over Belief Requirement

University of Arizona: Professor Leading Controversial Marijuana Research Terminated

University of Arizona: Screening of Controversial Film Cancelled

University of Arizona: Unconstitutional Security Fee Charged for Speech by University Critic

University of California at Berkeley: Ban on Word "California" in Organization Names

University of California at Berkeley: Newspaper Theft

University of California at Berkeley: Police Officer Charges Student with 'Unauthorized Conduct'

University of California at Berkeley: Prohibitive Security Fee Charged for Controversial Speaker

University of California at Irvine: Suppression of Affirmative Action Bake Sale

University of California at Los Angeles: Attempt to Stop Critical Website from Using Letters 'UCLA'

University of California at Los Angeles: Controversial Student Event Cancelled

University of California at Los Angeles: Disciplinary Investigation of Student's Video

University of California at Los Angeles: Lecturer on Leave After Email Declining Course Changes Over George Floyd Protests

University of California at Los Angeles: Non-Reappointment of Controversial Professor

University of California at San Diego: Censorship of Student Satire Magazine

University of California at San Diego: First Amendment Violations at UCSD

University of California at San Diego: Unconstitutional Defunding of Student Media

University of California Hastings College of the Law: Denial of Recognition to Christian Law School Group

University of California System: Recommendations for "Hate Speech" Policy

University of California, Davis: Administrator-Appointed Board Holds Power Over Student Media Content

University of California, Davis: Administrators Reverse Decision to Punish Student Club That Used University Name

University of California, Davis: Investigation into Professor’s Commentary about Police

University of California, Davis: Mandatory Violence Prevention Program Violates Students’ Freedom of Conscience

University of California, Davis: Retaliation Against Medical School Professor over Newspaper Column

University of California, Los Angeles: Lecturer Referred to Administration After Reading Martin Luther King, Jr. Letter Containing Racial Slur

University of California, Los Angeles: Professor Loses Teaching Position After Criticizing Administrators During Class

University of California, San Diego: Segregated Orientation Program Limited to Black, Latinx, Native American Students

University of California, Santa Barbara: Attempt to Stop Website from Using Letters "UCSB"

University of California, Santa Barbara: Censorship of Student Thesis

University of California, Santa Barbara: Professor Investigated for Sending E-Mail to Class

University of California, Santa Barbara: Viewpoint Discrimination in Student Activity Funding

University of California, Santa Cruz: Diversity Statement Requirement for Faculty Applicants

University of Central Arkansas: Administration Removes Pro-LGBTQ Lady Gaga Quote From Library Sign

University of Central Florida: "Free Press Zone"

University of Central Florida: Censorship of Internet Speech

University of Central Florida: Professor Suspended for In-Class Joke

University of Central Florida: Speech Quarantined to 'Free Assembly Areas'

University of Central Oklahoma: Police Require Permit to Wear Sandwich Board and Sign Up Students for Prolife Group

University of Chicago: Censorship of Student's Online Speech by University Police

University of Chicago: Facebook Photo Album Censored for "Disrespect"

University of Chicago: Unequal Treatment of Student Group

University of Cincinnati: Speech Code Litigation

University of Colorado at Boulder: Disciplinary Hearing Allowing Accuser to Judge Accused

University of Colorado at Boulder: Investigation of Professor for Controversial Essay

University of Colorado at Boulder: Professor Threatened with Harassment Investigation, Forced Retirement Over Classroom Presentation

University of Colorado at Boulder: Prohibitive Security Fee Charged for Controversial Speakers

University of Colorado at Boulder: Student’s art exhibit relocated to basement after complaints

University of Colorado at Boulder: Suppression of Affirmative Action Bake Sale

University of Colorado, Boulder: Visiting Professor’s Speech Before Capitol Violence Leads to Cancelled Classes, Removed Duties, and Nonrenewal

University of Connecticut: Students Arrested After Uttering Racial Slurs

University of Dayton: UN Special Rapporteur's Speech Canceled By Administrators Over Views on Reproduction

University of Delaware: Students Required to Undergo Ideological Reeducation

University of Delaware: Students Told by Campus Police to Self-Censor ‘Free Speech Ball’

University of Denver: Sexual Harassment Finding Violates Professor's Academic Freedom in the Classroom

University of Florida: Faculty Reportedly Told To Avoid Words ‘Critical’ And ‘Race’ In Course Design

University of Florida: Professors Barred from Testifying in Voting Rights Case Against State

University of Florida: Reaffirmation of Right to Show Documentary

University of Georgia: Police Investigate and Censor "Intolerance" in Residence Halls

University of Georgia: Student Faces Charges for Complaint about Parking Services

University of Georgia: Teaching Assistant Investigated for Speech Critical of White People

University of Hartford: Administration Warned Student-Athletes to be ‘Courteous,’ Not ‘Disruptive’ During Commencement

University of Hawaii at Hilo - Stand Up For Speech Lawsuit:

University of Idaho: Student Charged With Discrimination and Harassment for 'Offensive' Speech

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Professor Punished for Teaching about Catholic Thought in Course about Catholic Thought

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Student Investigated for Comments About School Mascot Debate

University of Illinois Chicago: Investigation into Professor for Referencing Racial Slur on Law Exam

University of Illinois System: Faculty and Student Employees Banned from Participating in Political Activity on Campus

University of Iowa College of Law: Faculty Evaluations Include Question About Professors’ Contributions to Diversity

University of Iowa: Art Professor’s Controversial Display Removed After Student Complaints

University of Iowa: Restrictions on Student-Athletes’ Social Media Use

University of Kansas Professor Reinstated After Four Month Investigation Into Classroom Speech:

University of Kansas: Anti-NRA Tweet Results in Professor's Suspension

University of Kansas: Art Installation Censored Following Politicians’ Demands

University of Kansas: Student Group Requests Professor’s Emails as Public Records

University of Kentucky: Students Investigated For Viral ‘No Uterus, No Opinion’ Remarks

University of La Verne: Tenured Law Professor Punished for Protected Expression

University of Maryland: Deferred Recruitment Policy Bans First-Semester Students From Joining Fraternities and Sororities

University of Maryland: State Senators Pressure University to Cancel Controversial Film Screening

University of Massachusetts Amherst: Student Group Charged Unconstitutional Security Fee for Controversial Speaker

University of Massachusetts at Amherst: Refusal to Permit Pro-War Speech

University of Massachusetts at Amherst: Student Government Tries to Punish Conservative Newspaper

University of Massachusetts at Amherst: Student Newspapers Stolen While Police Officer Watches

University of Massachusetts at Amherst: Suppression of ‘Racist’ Speech

University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School: Policy Bars Faculty From Providing Information on Capital Punishment

University of Memphis: Student Newspaper Budget Cut Over Content

University of Miami: Dean Refuses to Disavow Punishing Law Professor over Political Expression

University of Miami: Refusal to Approve Conservative Student Group

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor: Unequal Treatment of Conservative Student Newspaper

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities: Political Litmus Test for Future Teachers

University of Mississippi: Professor’s contract non-renewed following public criticism of school’s record on racial equity

University of Missouri and Louisiana State University: Residential Advisors Report Prohibitions on Speaking to Media During COVID-19 Pandemic

University of Missouri: Censors Student Group’s T-Shirts Advocating for Marijuana Legalization

University of Missouri: Policing of “Hurtful” Speech

University of Nebraska - Lincoln: Lecturer Dismissed After Showing Middle Finger During Protest

University of Nevada at Reno: Unconstitutional Free Speech Zone Policy

University of New Hampshire: Eviction of Student for Posting Flier

University of New Hampshire: Student-Created Display on ‘Street Harassment’ Removed

University of New Mexico: Censorship of Professor After Joking About Pentagon Attack

University of New Mexico: Imposition of Excessive Security Fees for Controversial Speaker

University of North Alabama: “Protocol” on Speaking With Media

University of North Alabama: Newspaper Adviser’s Job Eliminated After Critical Stories

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill: Nikole Hannah-Jones Denied Tenure, Apparently Based on Viewpoint

University of North Carolina - Wilmington: Professor Files Lawsuit Alleging Retaliation for Political Columns

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Denial of Freedom of Association for Christian Fraternity

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Heckler's Veto Results in Termination of Emeritus Professor's Network Access

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Investigation of Christian Student Group for Belief-Based Dismissal of Member

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Professor Denied Right to Teach Course Critical of UNC, Academic Freedom Threatened

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Refusal to Allow Christian Clubs to Require Christian Leadership

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Removal of Student’s Parody Website from University-Hosted Service

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Resident Assistants Feared Firing For Speaking to Media

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Student Government Executive Branch Bans Funding to Pro-Life Student Groups

University of North Carolina at Greensboro: Punishment of Free Speech Protestors

University of North Carolina at Greensboro: Review of Speech Codes

University of North Carolina at Wilmington: Invasion of Professor’s Privacy and Suppression of Speech

University of North Carolina System: Law Guaranteeing Right to Counsel

University of North Carolina System: State of the First Amendment

University of North Carolina Wilmington: Trustee Pressures University to Investigate Professor for Controversial Facebook Post

University of North Dakota: Accuser Is Criminally Charged with Lying to Police, But School Refuses to Reopen Misconduct Case

University of North Texas: Academic Journal Investigated for Edition Debating Racism in Music Theory

University of North Texas: Student Newspaper Critic Seeks to Compel Administrators to Turn Over Unpublished Material

University of Northern Colorado: Restrictions on Fraternal Activities in Response to Misconduct Allegations

University of Northern Iowa: Resident Assistants Required to Seek Approval from Media Relations to Speak with Press

University of Northwestern: Administration Denies Conservative Student Group’s Request to Host Speaker Over Controversial Views

University of Notre Dame: Student Group Supporting Traditional Marriage Policy Denied Recognition

University of Oklahoma: Ban on E-mailing Political Humor or Commentary

University of Oklahoma: Mandatory Diversity Training Requires Compelled Speech

University of Oklahoma: Plot to Punish Professor for Political Beliefs, Whistleblowing

University of Oklahoma: State Legislature Investigates University for Hosting Controversial Speaker

University of Oklahoma: Use of Sexual Harassment Allegations to Suppress Protected Speech

University of Oregon: ASL Instructor Dropped Due to Classroom Comment

University of Oregon: Derecognition of Student Group for ‘Offensive’ Publication

University of Oregon: Faculty Required to Promote Approved Views in Mandatory Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statements

University of Oregon: Student Government Denies Group’s Funding Over Pro-Gun Rights Views

University of Oregon: Student's Four-Word Joke Results in Five Unconstitutional Disciplinary Charges

University of Pennsylvania: Following Controversial Commentary, Amy Wax Faces ‘Major Sanction’ from Penn Law

University of Pennsylvania: Hunting, Archery, and Shooting Student Group Denied Registration Over Viewpoint and University COVID-19 Disruptions

University of Pittsburgh: Punishment of Cardiology Professor for Academic Research Paper

University of Rhode Island: Professor's Anti-Gun Tweets Deemed Threatening

University of Rhode Island: student government abandons discriminatory funding policy

University of Rhode Island: Student Senate Attempts to Compel Speech

University of Rhode Island: Student Threatened with Discipline for Appealing Parking Ticket

University of Rochester: Professor Suspended for Quoting Racial Slur in Class

University of San Diego: Law school professor investigated for blog post about COVID-19

University of Scranton: Denial of Recognition of Turning Point USA

University of South Alabama: Student Directed to Remove Pro-Trump Sign

University of South Carolina — Stand Up For Speech Lawsuit:

University of South Carolina: Mandated Orthodoxy in the Classroom

University of South Florida: Administrator Confuses Conservatives and Libertarians to Deny Group's Recognition

University of South Florida: The ‘Heckler’s Veto’

University of Southern California: Censorship of Performance and Protest

University of Southern California: Student Journalists Faced With Reporting Restrictions

University of Southern California: University Clarifies “Black Men Will Summit” Will Not Bar Students Based on Race

University of Southern California: Unlawful Restrictions on Spontaneous Student Expression

University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center: Student Investigated and Punished for Social Media Posts

University of Tennessee: Speech Code Repeal

University of Texas at Arlington: Fraternity Banned From Wearing Greek Letters During Investigation

University of Texas at Austin: Faculty Antiracism Research Suspended After Complaint to U.S. Department of Education

University of Texas at Austin: Lack of Transparency in Student Group Funding Raises First Amendment Concerns

University of Texas at Austin: Scientific Misconduct Investigation Into Author of Controversial Study

University of Texas at Dallas: Professor Investigated for Tweet Saying Experts Should Find ‘Cure for Homosexuality’

University of Toledo: Police Enforce Unwritten Policy to Censor Political Protesters

University of Toledo: Proposed Policy Requires Students and Faculty to Use Individuals’ ‘Chosen First Names’

University of Tulsa: Student Suspended for Husband’s Facebook Posts

University of Utah: Media Policy Restricts Student-Employees’ Right to Speak to Journalists

University of Virginia: Lack of Due Process During Honor Code Investigations

University of Virginia: Resident Assistants Allegedly Prohibited from Speaking to Press Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

University of Virginia: Student Sanctioned for Remark Comparing Protesters to “Speedbumps”

University of Virginia: Student’s “Burn It All Down” Sign Ordered Removed As Incitement

University of Washington: Professor Punished for Expressing Dissenting Opinion

University of Washington: Proposal to Require Tenure and Promotion Candidates to Write Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statements

University of West Georgia: Student Newspaper's Funding Cut on Basis of Content

University of Wisconsin - Madison: Cancellation of Antiwar Event

University of Wisconsin - Stout: Censorship, Referral to Threat Assessment Team, and Threat of Criminal Charges after Professor Puts Posters Outside Office Door

University of Wisconsin – Superior: Complaint Over Student Newspaper’s April Fools’ Day Edition Leads to Formal Investigation

University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire: Ban on RAs’ Leading Bible Studies

University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire: Unconstitutional Student Fee Funding Amendment

University of Wisconsin at La Crosse: Censorship of Student Magazine

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh: Journalists Required to Seek Permission from, Submit Questions to Marketing Department to Interview University Employees

University of Wisconsin: Students' Due Process Rights

Utah State University: Students Blocked By Official University Social Media Accounts

Valdosta State University: Freedom of Expression on Campus Limited to Unconstitutional Free Speech Zone

Valdosta State University: Student Expelled for Peacefully Protesting Parking Garages

Vanderbilt University: Refusal to Approve Constitutions of Student Groups that Require Leaders to Share Beliefs

Victim Rights Law Center, et al. v. Cardona, et al. (1st Cir.):

Villanova University: Workshop Cancelled

Virginia Commonwealth University: Deferred Recruitment Policy Bans First-Semester, Transfer Students From Joining Social Fraternities, Sororities

Virginia Commonwealth University: Student Government Officials Allegedly Steal Campus Newspapers Over Critical Coverage

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech): Ban on Certain Viewpoints and Requirement of Prior Approval for Speech

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: "Diversity" Requirement for Faculty Assessment Violates Academic Freedom and Freedom of Conscience

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: Student Punished for Booing at a Soccer Game

Virginia Tech: Virginia Tech Threatens Student Newspaper's Future over Protected Anonymous Comments on Its Own Website

Virginia: Attorney General Investigates Professor's Research

Virginia: Bill Would Eliminate Unconstitutional 'Free Speech Zones'

Virginia: Right to Counsel Bill

Wake Forest University: Investigation into ‘Build a Wall’ Instagram Post

Washington and Lee University: Student Groups Prohibited from Displaying Campaign Materials

Washington State University: Administrative Support for Heckler's Veto of Student Play

Washington State University: Use of Dispositions Theory to Enforce Ideological Orthodoxy

Washington University: Mandatory University Viewpoint

Wayne State University: Administrators’ Opposition to Law Students’ Calls for ‘Diploma Privilege’ Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Weber State University: Investigation Into Professor Over Tweets Supporting Police Violence Against Journalist, Protesters

Wesleyan University: Student Newspaper Threatened with Funding Cuts after Controversial Op-Ed

Wesleyan University: Violation of Freedom of Association

West Virginia University: Fraternities Punished Without a Semblance of Due Process

West Virginia University: Limit on Speech to Campus "Free Speech Zones"

Western Illinois University: Police Demand Students Promoting Marijuana Legalization Use Long-Shuttered “Free Speech Area”

Western Michigan University - Stand Up For Speech Lawsuit:

Western Washington University: Student Investigated Over Parking Ticket Remark

Whitman College: Prior Review of Student Listservs

Wichita State University: Student Government Defunds Student-Run Art Gallery Over Facebook Post

Wichita State University: Student Government Denies Recognition to Libertarian Group Because It Defends Free Speech

Wichita State University: Student Journalists Relegated to Less Favorable Parking Than Their Professional Peers

Wichita State University: Student Senate Delays Vote on Recognition of TPUSA Chapter Over Gadsden Flag

Wichita State University: Students Required to Register Events with Campus Police, Who Examined Materials for “Hate Speech”

Wichita State University: Title IX Investigation into Fraternity House Banner Offering ‘Free House Tours’

Widener University: Law School Threatens Professor's Academic Freedom

William Paterson University: Punishment on Harassment Charges for Response to Mass E-Mail

Williams College: Student Group Denied Recognition for Pro-Israel Viewpoint

Williams College: Suppression of Freedom of Association by Nondiscrimination Policy

Wilson College: Student Internet Expression Under Attack

Wilson Report: FIRE Writes to 15 Top Schools to Express Concern About Their Press Policies

Winona State University: Outdoor Speech Restrictions

Winthrop University: Student Faced With Spurious Charges, Threats of Expulsion or Suspension for Anti-Lynching Art Installation

Wisconsin: Bill to Forbid Professors from Working with Journalism Organization

Worcester State University: Denial of Recognition of Turning Point USA

Wright State University: Christian Group Banned from Campus

Wright State University: Facebook Comments Restricted During Faculty Union Strike

Yale Law School: Protestors Substantially Disrupt Federalist Society Panel on Civil Liberties

Yale University: Censorship of Mohammed Cartoons at Yale University Press

Yale University: Controversial Anti-Harvard T-shirt Quoting F. Scott Fitzgerald

Yale University: Fraternity Suspended Five Years for 'Intimidating' Satirical Chant

Yale University: Protesters at Yale Threaten Free Speech, Demand Apologies and Resignations from Faculty Members Over Halloween Email

Yale University: Suppression of Pro-War Speech