Bennington College: Termination of Professor Without a Hearing

Category: Due Process
Schools: Bennington College

In an abuse of power incompatible with the minimal standards of due process and academic freedom, Bennington President Elizabeth Coleman fired Philosophy Professor Carlin Romano without so much as a hearing. Coleman, who was a well-known critic of the institution’s president, had his courses cancelled mid-term and was informed that if he spoke publically on the matter, he would be evicted from his campus apartment.

There is currently no media coverage for this case.
  • Bennington College President Fires a Professor who had Openly Criticized Her

    April 13, 2000

    Bennington College has fired a philosophy professor who has been critical of the institution’s president, canceling his courses mid-term and informing him that if he speaks publicly about the matter he will be evicted immediately from his campus apartment. Elizabeth Coleman, Bennington’s president, called meetings with faculty members on Tuesday to tell them she had fired Carlin Romano, who has taught at Bennington for five years and who regularly writes for The Chronicle’s Opinion section. Faculty members said she told them that Mr. Romano’s performance had been inadequate. The professors also said that administrators also contend that during a conversation […]

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