Cornell University: Student Group’s Sign Display Removed from Engineering Quad

Category: Free Speech
Schools: Cornell University

A pro-life student group’s university approved signs were confiscated by an administrator shortly after students erected their display. The signs contained information regarding fetal development. The students were forced to turn to the university police in order to regain their property because the administrator could not believe the signs could be approved given their “content.” Amazingly, the Cornell administration is defending this indefensible action, pretending that it was only a misunderstanding that caused the display to be confiscated and removed.

  • Backing expression over suppression

    October 27, 2008

    Especially in the midst of a hard-fought presidential campaign, free expression on college campuses remains a heated topic, with reports of student vandalism of political displays they don’t like, or administrations disinviting speakers who are deemed too controversial, surfacing periodically. Since students in college tend to be more liberal as a group than Americans as a whole, critics of higher education regularly charge that conservative views are more likely to be squelched by vandals or officials. But that’s not entirely the case: some Catholic institutions, for instance, have received flak or distanced themselves from pro-life speakers who support Barack Obama […]

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  • Cornell Engineering Dean Digs Deeper Hole over Confiscation of Pro-Life Display

    October 24, 2008

    Ivy League folklore has it that Cornell’s alma mater actually begins like this: Far above Cayuga’s watersThere’s an awful smell;Some say it’s Cayuga’s waters,Some say it’s Cornell. Folklore has a way of encoding a certain amount of truth, and I finally have figured out what this verse refers to: the stench of disdain for expressive rights on the Cornell campus. Already there have been three troubling developments this year. First, Cornell has been criticized for monitoring and recording all Internet usage by students, which surely makes students think twice about what they research on the Internet. This policy was lampooned […]

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  • Cornell University Engineering Staff Remove Students’ Pro-Life Display until Police Force Return of Display

    October 22, 2008

    Breaking news out of Cornell this morning: two administrators from Cornell’s College of Engineering were forced by the Cornell Police to relinquish a student group’s pro-life display, which they had removed from the ground and confiscated entirely because of the content of the display. According to the Cornell Coalition for Life (CCFL) and its spokeswoman, Tristen Cramer, CCFL set up six signs supporting its pro-life “Elena Campaign” in Cornell’s Engineering Quad. The signs were put up around 8:00 a.m. this morning. By 9:00 a.m., Administrative Assistant Dawn Warren had confiscated them and taken them to the Facilities Office of the […]

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