Gonzaga University: Censorship of ‘Hate Speech’

Category: Free Speech
Schools: Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University has reaffirmed the value of freedom of speech after unfairly disciplining a student group for posting fliers with allegedly “discriminatory” language. In response to a letter from FIRE, President Robert J. Spitzer agreed to rescind punishment of the Gonzaga College Republicans. The group had been disciplined after it posted fliers containing the word “hates” as part of the title of an upcoming speaker’s book: Why the Left Hates America.

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today, and the Pasadena Star-News on FIRE

    March 3, 2004

    Universities still do not comprehend that their contempt for free speech places them far, far outside of the mainstream of American public opinion. In particular, they seem continually surprised that the media, who live or die by the Bill of Rights, understand freedom of expression full well. The March 1 lead editorial of The Philadelphia Inquirer, an editorial in today’s USA Today, and yet another editorial in the Pasadena Star-News offer a compelling textbook education, if academic administrators are willing to listen, in the relationship of higher education and freedom of speech.

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  • University Revokes ‘Hate Speech’ Punishment

    November 26, 2003

    The president of Gonzaga University has rescinded punishment of the school’s College Republicans club, which was taken to task for posting fliers with the book title “Why the Left Hates America.” According to a statement from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, university President Robert J. Spitzer made the reversal after receiving a letter from the organization. “It is a dark day when universities in a free society start banning everyday words. In this context, it is especially bizarre. You can’t very well eradicate ‘hate’ – as some administrators claim they are determined to do – if you can’t […]

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