Wisconsin: Bill to Forbid Professors from Working with Journalism Organization

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  • Vindicating Freedom of the Press from Alaska to Wisconsin

    February 25, 2014

    As we celebrate Free Press Week here at FIRE, I find myself thinking back on cases in which FIRE has intervened on behalf of student journalists and protected the freedom of the press that the First Amendment guarantees. I don’t have to look very far back, either. As our work over the past year (including as recently as this month) demonstrates, FIRE is committed to defending student newspapers and media outlets against censorship and ensuring that free press rights can be properly exercised on college and university campuses.

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  • Victory for Academic Freedom: Wisconsin Governor Vetoes Unconstitutional Ban on Faculty Speech

    July 1, 2013

    Yesterday, in a victory for academic freedom, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker issued a line-item veto to strike an unconstitutional ban on faculty speech and research from the Wisconsin state budget. A late addition to the budget proposal, the broad, vague ban would have prohibited University of Wisconsin faculty “from doing any work related to” the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization.  FIRE wrote Governor Walker twice urging this result. As we stated in our first letter, sent on June 13:  [T]he Joint Finance Committee’s proposed prohibition is extreme in its breadth, preventing faculty from performing any number […]

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  • Wisconsin Governor Set to Sign Budget Sunday; No Word on Veto of Unconstitutional Provision

    June 27, 2013

    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has announced that he plans to sign the state’s budget on Sunday, but has not indicated whether he plans to veto an unconstitutional provision forbidding University of Wisconsin (UW) faculty from collaborating with the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism (WCIJ). Students, faculty, journalists, and nonprofit organizations including FIRE have criticized the provision for its infringement on academic freedom.   The provision reads:  Center for Investigative Journalism. Prohibit the Board of Regents from permitting the Center for Investigative Journalism to occupy any facilities owned or leased by the Board of Regents. In addition, prohibit UW employees from […]

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  • FIRE Writes to Wisconsin Governor Urging Veto of Unconstitutional Budget Measure

    June 21, 2013

    On June 6, we reported on an addition to the Wisconsin State Legislature’s budget proposal that would forbid University of Wisconsin (UW) faculty from working with the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, a nonpartisan, nonprofit journalism organization. FIRE then wrote a letter to Governor Scott Walker on June 13, expressing our concern with this provision and explaining its unconstitutional effects. As of this week, both the Assembly and the Senate of the state legislature have approved the budget proposal, including this provision, and it is awaiting Governor Scott Walker’s signature or veto. FIRE has written again today to Governor Walker […]

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  • FIRE to Wisconsin State Legislature: Protect University of Wisconsin Faculty’s Academic Freedom

    June 13, 2013

    Today, FIRE sent a letter to Governor Scott Walker and Wisconsin state legislators asking them to protect academic freedom by rejecting a controversial modification to the state budget. Specifically, the modification would prohibit University of Wisconsin faculty from "doing any work related to" the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism (WCIJ).   The current budget proposal, in prohibiting WCIJ and UW faculty from collaborating, will severely restrict UW faculty’s academic freedom. The letter notes the Supreme Court’s long history of protecting academic freedom and freedom of speech on public university campuses. These principles are so critical that "speech related to scholarship […]

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  • Wisconsin Legislative Committee Threatens UW Faculty, Journalism Nonprofit

    June 6, 2013

    Just before 6 a.m. yesterday morning, the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) of the Wisconsin State Legislature voted 12–4 to add a motion to the proposed state budget that would kick the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism (WCIJ) off the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW–Madison) campus and forbid UW employees from even working with the WCIJ. WCIJ executive director Andy Hall said that he was "blindsided" by this striking blow to academic freedom. If the motion is passed into law, it will unacceptably restrict the academic freedom and freedom of association rights of UW–Madison journalism faculty.  For the past three years, UW–Madison […]

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