Catching Up with FIRE Intern Daniella Dichter

July 21, 2015

My internship at FIRE has been a highlight of my college experience because it has given me a space to question everything I thought I knew and to shape my beliefs, which is what I wanted from my college experience as a whole. I’ve had the chance to meet a variety of First Amendment experts and hear each of their perspectives on freedom of expression. From law school professors to former ACLU board members, each has shared with me and the other interns their own experience defending the First Amendment.

Discussions have covered everything from hanging the Confederate flag outside a dorm room to what campus newspapers can publish. There are a lot of hard questions asked, and I leave each conversation with a greater appreciation of the importance of our right to free speech. After the speakers’ presentations, my fellow interns and I continue to have thought-provoking discussion about the topics they covered.

These speakers have helped me gain a deeper legal understanding of the First Amendment, which will help me when I go back to school in September. I will be able to stand up for freedom of expression with an awareness of how important the right to speak freely is. I’ll also be equipped with the tools necessary to ensure my campus is safe for all opinions. Most importantly, I’ll return to school understanding how valuable the First Amendment is on college campuses in order to make sure all students have the most formative experience possible by being able to engage in truly free speech and critical thinking.

This has all been due to my summer internship here at FIRE, and I would like to thank everyone who has made this experience possible for me.

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Dani Dichter is a FIRE summer intern.