CFN Conference Update: No ‘holding or eating food provocatively’ at Drexel!

July 15, 2011

The perfect CFN Conference post-lunch treat: Learning about the particularly egregious speech codes at schools across our country, such as Drexel University’s prohibition of "holding or eating food provocatively," Or Indiana University Southeast’s prohibition of "faxes sexual in nature." That’s rightwe said faxes.

We’re loving FIRE Director of Speech Code Research Samantha Harris’ discussion of speech codesthe particularly absurd ones and how colleges and universities have used them to violate students’ rights.

"You can’t call the police when someone writes "boob" on something," Samantha says.

Still to come today: a choice of five breakout sessions hosted by FIRE staff members:

  • “How to Fight Your School’s Speech Codes” – Samantha Harris, Director of Speech Code Research
  • “The Philosophy of Liberty” – Adam Kissel, Vice President of Programs
  • “Campaigning Rights on Campus” – Azhar Majeed, FIRE Associate Director of Legal & Public
  • Advocacy
  • "Your FIRE Case: Knowing When You Have One, Documenting it, and Publicizing it" – Peter Bonilla, FIRE Assistant Director, Individual Rights Defense Program & Joanna Brenner, FIRE Public Awareness Associate
  • “Due Process Rights on Campus” – Robert Shibley, Senior Vice President

The breakout sessions will not be live streamed, but check in on Twitter (#CFN11) and Facebook for updates.