CFN Member Profile: John Eubank

November 3, 2008

The Campus Freedom Network is full of liberty-minded students who are willing to work for reform on their campuses. One such student is John Eubank IV. A senior at Towson University in Maryland, John is active in the Student Government Association, Towson PROLIFE, Campus Crusade for Christ, and intramural flag football.

John first learned of FIRE when Towson barred Towson PROLIFE from hosting an event on campus. John contacted FIRE, but before we could even get involved, the university relented and allowed the group to host their event. When he joined student government and discovered that the university illegally barred religious student organizations from receiving university funding, John again turned to FIRE for help. After receiving a letter from FIRE, the administration reversed the policy. Later that year, Towson attempted to implement a "Free Speech Policy" which unconstitutionally restricted students’ free expression. With help from FIRE, John got the university to reverse course and John was asked to serve on the committee drafting a policy that respected students’ rights.

After attending the 2008 CFN Summer Conference, John returned to his campus with the desire to revise Towson’s policies in accordance with the First Amendment. He informed the Towson administration that he would do just that. With FIRE’s help, he is working with the administration to revise four of Towson’s questionable policies. John also hosted FIRE’s Adam Kissel and has recruited numerous students to the CFN, earning him an invitation to the CFN’s Prometheus Society.

FIRE is pleased to work with students as motivated as John. Students interested in undertaking similar activity at their campuses should register for the CFN here.

Schools:  Towson University