CFN Membership Grows Past 3,000

January 5, 2010

The Campus Freedom Network, FIRE’s grassroots organization of college students and faculty dedicated to defending free speech on campus, has seen tremendous growth this past year as more and more students and faculty have learned about the CFN and the benefits it offers. Members have been learning about their rights, distributing FIRE Guides on campus, writing op-eds, and helping reform college policies.

Over the course of the past year, membership has surged by more than a thousand members to over 3,000 members. That’s a sizable increase from just 500 under 2 years ago, and we are excited by the opportunity to reach more and more students and faculty every day.

Anyone who is presently a student or faculty member at an American college or university is eligible to register for the CFN. CFN members aid the fight for liberty on campus through grassroots activism; whether by joining the student government, holding protests, writing op-eds, or simply spreading the word about FIRE’s resources for students and faculty, CFN members make an invaluable impact at their colleges and universities. I encourage any eligible student or faculty member interested in restoring liberty on campus to sign up and join us in the fight.