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As the Boston University Statement on Free Speech and Expression makes clear, providing opportunities for members of the University community to express themselves, including to dissent, to rally, to gather in vigil, to walkout, or to otherwise express themselves peaceably, is crucial to the educational mission of the University. The University makes these opportunities available while neither requiring that other members of the community condone particular messages or remain silent in the face of speech with which they disagree.

This policy describes the requirements for events that are to be held on the University’s campus and that are organized by University affiliates.


Event: a public display of individual or group speech or other expression occurring either (i) on the Boston University campus or (ii) at University-sponsored events off campus. Events include,
but are not limited to, concerts, performances, speeches, panels, demonstrations, assemblies, picketing, protests, counter-demonstrations, rallies, vigils, and sit-ins. For avoidance of doubt,
regularly scheduled University classes, personal occasion events and family events (e.g., birthday parties and weddings) are not considered Events for purposes of this Policy.

Demonstration: An in-person meeting or march to protest or express views on an issue in the view of others on campus or the public, which may take the form of a vigil, rally, protest,
picketing, leafletting, sit-ins or similar.


A. Optional Registration
On-campus Demonstrations sponsored and/or organized by Affiliates are exempt from the event registration process described in Section I(A), though subject to the other provisions of this
Policy. Nevertheless, the University invites and encourages Affiliates organizing Demonstrations on campus to register them as Events so that the University can provide event support.

B. Locations
The University permits Demonstrations at the following locations, unless another party has previously reserved the space:

Marsh Plaza
George Sherman Union Plaza
Metcalf Science Plaza
Cummington Mall
Talbot Green
Alpert Mall (BU Beach)
Outside Booth Theatre
Alley between Commonwealth Avenue and Photonics
The Office of the Provost may also approve the use of other locations to accommodate particular circumstances associated with a Demonstration.