University Conditions of Use & Policy on Computing Ethics

Boston University

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Boston University’s Computing Services are intended to be used to facilitate the education and research missions of the University and support University operations. All Clients of these services have the responsibility to use these resources in an efficient, ethical, and legal manner in accordance with their intended use and assigned access rights, to ensure that the University’s computing services remain available without interruption to all Clients.

Use of the University’s Computing Services in connection with university activities and minor personal use is a privilege extended to various members of the University community; it is not a right. By using the University’s Computing Services, all Clients ...(ii) agree to comply with applicable laws and other University policies, (iii) agree to refrain from engaging in any activity that is inconsistent with the University’s tax-exempt status or that would subject the University to liability; ... In addition, upon creation of a Boston University computing Account, all Clients agree to the following conditions of use:


Clients must not use any computing service:

  •  For activities that are illegal or violate University policies or applicable codes of conduct;
  • To block or otherwise interfere with access of other authorized users to any University computing service;
  • To incite imminent lawless action;
  • To harass, intimidate or threaten any person, whether within or outside the University;
  • To disrupt or interfere with the University’s ordinary activities;
  • In a manner that is otherwise directly incompatible with the safety of the community or the functioning of the University;
  • To send unauthorized mass mailings or unsolicited advertising; ...