Student Handbook: Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, and Discriminatory Harassment Policies

Bryn Mawr College

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It is the policy of Bryn Mawr College to maintain a work and academic environment free from discrimination and offensive or degrading remarks or conduct.


Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct constitute sexual harassment when: ... Such conduct has the purpose or effect of interfering with an individual’s work performance or academic performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.


Sexual harassment can include verbal behavior such as unwanted sexual comments, suggestions, jokes or pressure for sexual favors; nonverbal behavior such as suggestive looks or leering; and physical behavior such as pats, where such behaviors are severe, offensive, and occur repeatedly unless a single instance is so severe that it warrants immediate action. Some specific examples of behavior that are inappropriate include:

• Continuous and repeated sexual slurs or sexual innuendoes.
• Offensive and repeated risqué jokes or kidding about sex or gender-specific traits
• Repeated unsolicited propositions for dates and/or sexual relations.