Important Campus Policies: Posting Policy

California State University - Dominguez Hills

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    Posting and Distribution Policies
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The “POSTING VALID THRU____” stamp available through the Office of Student Life must be clearly visible on the face of the posting.


Materials to be distributed or posted must list all the sponsoring organizations.


All materials to be distributed or posted must be identified with name and phone number of the person or organization responsible. Email addresses are allowed in lieu of phone numbers for contact purposes.


Distribution of handbills, circulars and flyers not in violation of campus regulations and the California Penal Code is permitted on campus. The campus chooses to exercise its right to regulate the time, manner and place of this distribution in accordance with State law and the Free Speech Policy through the issuance of a daily permit. Student organizations, University departments and administrative offices wishing to distribute any material must obtain permission from the Student Union or PCLASS, and the Office of Student Life. Individuals or off-campus entities wishing to distribute material must obtain a permit from the Office of Procurements and Contracts, Logistical and Support Services (PCLASS).