Campus Regulations: Time, Place and Manner- Free Speech, Expression, Demonstrations, Protests, Rallies and Other Public Assemblies on University Property

California State University - Long Beach

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    Protest and Demonstration Policies
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Individuals and groups may assemble on University property generally open to the public (as specified in this regulation) to engage in non-amplified speech and expression, including the solicitation of signatures on noncommercial petitions, provided such activity does not disrupt the functions, operations and events of the University or interfere with the free speech rights of others, as previously addressed in this regulation, including, but not limited to, compelling persons to be an involuntary audience or jeopardize the safety of persons and property. The exercise of free speech and assembly rights shall not:

• Interfere with class instruction or other scheduled academic, educational, or cultural/arts program or with the use of the University Library
• Obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or otherwise endanger persons or property
• Be conducted in or on campus parking lots, parking structures, driveways, crosswalks, streets, roadways, and paths of pedestrian travel
• Employ sound amplification or create noise that disrupts University activities or interferes with the exercise of free speech by others (please refer to amplification regulation)
• Harass, intimidate, or impede the movement of persons
• Create or cause unsafe congestion around stairs and escalators.