Campus Handbook: Community Standards Policy

Carleton College

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    Policies on Tolerance, Respect, and Civility
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All discourse, as well as treatment of individuals--in offices, classrooms, residences, or any other setting or mode of communication--should be respectful of the individual, whether or not there is disagreement on matters of substance, taste, politics, or evidence. Creating and sustaining a climate of civility in an institution of voluntary membership is the responsibility of each individual.


While the nature of an academic community is to provide a milieu for the expression, criticism and discussion of the widest range of opinions, it does not provide license for bigotry in the form of demeaning, discriminatory speech or actions. Thus, the presentation of a reasoned or evidenced claim about a societal group that offends members of that group is to be distinguished from a gratuitous denigrating claim about, or addressed to, an individual or group. The former is bona fide academic behavior while the latter may demean, degrade or victimize in a discriminatory manner and, if so, undermines the above principles.


While the College imposes no specific moral standard or creed on its students, each student is responsible for living up to the values cited above and the policies, rules, and regulations detailed below. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.


The following conduct is prohibited: ... Physical, verbal or psychological abuse, harassment, intimidation or other conduct (whether willful or negligent) that threatens or endangers the health, well being, or safety of oneself or of any person on College-owned or leased property, or at College-sponsored or supervised functions.