Policy UNIV-477: Free Speech, Solicitation, and Promotional Activities on Campus

Coastal Carolina University

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Students, student organizations, faculty/staff and departments commonly post signs in designated locations as a means of informing the University community of events. The University allows this practice when the following regulations designated to reasonably govern the time, place and manner of the postings are observed for the protection of the students and the appearance of the campus:

1. Student organizations posters/flyers/signs must be authorized by the Office of Student Life and must bear the authorization stamp with removal date. University departments are not required to gain authorization from the Office of Student Life, but are responsible for posting and removing posters/flyers/signs for sanctioned University events


Student organizations or individual students who wish to hold a free speech event on campus should contact the Office of Student Life for consultation regarding the time, place and manner of the event, in support of their expression of free speech.


Some events may require additional security. The decision to retain additional security will be made by the Department of Public Safety, in consultation with the sponsoring group. Charges for the additional security will be calculated at University-approved rates and are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. The Department of Public Safety does not provide personal protective detail for off-campus speakers.