Freedom of Expression

Colorado College

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    Policies on Tolerance, Respect, and Civility
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The College’s commitment to freedom of expression does not countenance communications or conduct that demean, denigrate, humiliate, or express hatred to any particular person or class of persons. Some communications or conduct may so violate our community standards that formal College intervention may be necessary. The College may restrict or sanction communications or conduct that violates the law, defames an individual, is physically threatening, or discriminates against, unlawfully harasses or retaliates against others simply because of that person’s protected status or because of that group’s message or content of communication. To these ends, the College reserves the right to control the time, place, and manner of events and communications, whether they occur on campus, at off-campus College activities, or on any College property. The College does not seek to censor the expression of ideas, but rather to maintain the regular operations of the College and the safety and security of individuals.