Policy on Discrimination, Protected Class Harassment, and Retaliation: Sexual Harassment

Colorado State University - Pueblo

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Relevant Excerpt

Sexual Harassment* is any unwelcome sexual advance, request for sexual favors, or other conduct of a sexual nature when: ... Such conduct is sufficiently severe or pervasive to unreasonably interfere with an individual’s employment or education or create an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment for that person’s employment, education or participation in a university activity.

Depending upon the facts, examples of sexual harassment could include, but are not limited to: unwelcome sexual advances; repeated and unwelcome sexually-oriented bullying, teasing, joking, or flirting; verbal abuse of a sexual nature; commentary about an individual's body, sexual prowess, or sexual deficiencies; leering, touching, pinching, or brushing against another's body; or displaying objects or pictures, including electronic images, which are sexual in nature and which create a hostile or offensive work, education, or living environment.