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Campus-Wide Posting

Dakota State University

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Officially Recognized Organizations

  1. May post in Designated Posting Locations on their own without prior approval from the Student Affairs Designated Office as long as they follow requirements in this policy.


Postings shall have the following:

  1. Date of posting.
  2. A clear size that does not exceed 18” x 24.”
  3. Depict an event, activity, or service that is open to the DSU community.
  4. Specific date or dates on which the activity will be held or during a specified timeframe that begins within thirty (30) days of the posting.
  5. Content indicating that the event, activity, or service clearly relates to the purpose of, and is sponsored by, an Officially Recognized Organization.
  6. Contact person for the Officially Recognized Organization.
  7. An ADA compliance statement. Example: Persons with a disability who need accommodations for this event should notify the Office of Disability Services at 605-256-5121 or in order to discuss accommodations.

Postings shall not have the following:


ii. Obscene word, images, concept, including but not limited to, explicit sexual material, or any other speech not protected by the First Amendment.

iii. Vulgar, lewd, or indecent speech, (i.e., profanity).