Student Handbook: Campus Demonstrations

DePauw University

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    Protest and Demonstration Policies
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DePauw University values the rights of students to gather, speak, and demonstrate. The University also recognizes that important learning is often facilitated by these activities, even if the ideas are unpopular. Therefore, the University affirms the right to demonstrate.

DePauw students are free to support causes in a non-violent manner, including organized demonstrations that do not materially and substantially disrupt the normal and essential functions of the University. To be considered a disruption, demonstration actions need to be more than simply creating discomfort and unpleasantness or temporarily interrupting University operations. The Vice President of Academic Affairs, or their designee, will determine if normal and essential academic functions have been materially and substantially disrupted. The Vice President of Student Affairs, or their designee, will determine if normal and essential Student Affairs functions have been disrupted.

Demonstration Location


Students are permitted to demonstrate on University property as long as individuals’ actions comply with University guidelines and policies, and applicable laws.