REG 07.30.06: Freedom of Expression Regulation

East Carolina University

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The primary function of East Carolina University (the “University”) is the discovery, improvement, transmission, and dissemination of knowledge by means of research, teaching, discussion, and debate. To fulfill this function, the University must strive to ensure the fullest degree of intellectual freedom and free expression as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution (“First Amendment”).

The diverse ideas and opinions of members of the University Community will sometimes conflict. However, intellectual conflict may give rise to the theories and concepts that drive our society forward, and must not be suppressed solely because they are thought by others to be offensive, unwise, immoral, disagreeable or wrongheaded.

Students, staff, and faculty have the freedom to discuss any problem that presents itself, as the First Amendment permits, and within the limits of viewpoint and content-neutral restrictions on time, place, and manner of expression that are necessary to achieve significant University interests. All University policies, regulations, rules and standard operating practices (SOP’s) governing use of University Property for Expressive Activities shall be publicly available on the University’s website.

The University shall not take action, as an institution, on the public policy controversies of the day in such a way as to require students, faculty, or administrators to publicly express a given view of public policy.

Any University Regulations, Rules and SOP’s are hereby nullified to the extent they restrict Expressive Activity to a greater extent than allowed by the First Amendment or this Regulation, whichever provides the greatest level of protection of Expressive Activity.