Internal Governing Policies: #138.1 - Posting and Distribution of Materials

Eastern Illinois University

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    Posting and Distribution Policies
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With advance approval from the Campus Scheduling Office, University Departments, RSOs and off-campus public service organizations may post items which promote on-campus co-curricular activities or other events of educational or public service interest to the University community, provided that unrestricted bulletin boards are used in accordance with this policy.  A list of boards available for such purposes is available from the Campus Scheduling Office.

Postings must include the name of the primary sponsoring department, RSO, or other entity permitted to post on campus.  Postings are limited to one per board, should not exceed 11"x 27", and are not to be placed over other current posters.  Standard desktop staples, thumb tacks, or push pins are to be used; the use of tape or commercial staple guns is prohibited.


Distribution of commercial and non-commercial handout materials is permitted in the Free Speech Zone (Library Quad, including Doudna Mellin steps) and is subject to time, place, and manner restrictions.  Free speech chalk messaging is allowed in the Free Speech Zone (Library Quad), including the Doudna Mellin Steps and sidewalks within.  The University and RSOs may reserve the Free Speech Zone for co-curricular activities and other sponsored events.