Internal Governing Policies: #166 - Flag Display

Eastern Illinois University

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Relevant Excerpt

In recognition of the diversity of heritages, cultures, and gender/orientation on campus, EIU has established a "We Are EIU" flagpole.  Such pole will fly appropriately sized flags recognizing the diversity of communities across campus.  The "We Are EIU" flagpole is administered and controlled by the university's administration.  Stated differently, the flagpole is not within EIU's free speech zone and, therefore, not a free speech flagpole.

Criteria of flags to be flown on the "We Are EIU" flagpole include: ... Flag must conform to EIU's mission of diversity, inclusion and equity. No flag will be approved if it denigrates any heritage, culture or gender/orientation on campus. This determination is at the sole discretion of the Vice President for Student Affairs.