Hate-Bias Incidents (HBI) Policy

Frostburg State University

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    Policies on Bias and Hate Speech
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The FSU Policy on Diversity affirms its commitment to a campus environment which values diversity and encourages a climate of inclusion.  The University values freedom of expression and the open exchange of ideas and the expression of controversial ideas.  Differing views are a vital part of the University discourse. While this value of openness protects controversial ideas and points of view, it does not protect harassment or conduct towards individuals that violates other University policies such as the policy against discriminatory conduct or disruptive behavior contained in the Community Standards Policy Statements.  This policy supplements and does not supersede the University's policy against discriminatory conduct. Annually, FSU will provide a report on its website listing the aggregate data regarding HBIs filed.

Reports of Bias or Hate Incidents will be investigated by FSU.  If a reported HBI includes conduct that is a potential violation of another University policy, the conduct will be reported to the appropriate University office responsible for investigating those policy violations. Members of the community who are targeted by HBIs will be appropriately supported. The institution continues to engage in appropriate and effective acts to increase the cultural competency of its community members through educational endeavors. HBIs that have escalated to the status of a crime will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency immediately. 


This policy outlines and affirms Frostburg State University's commitment to providing a welcoming educational environment that fosters critical evaluations of the intersections of individual and community identities and values, while at the same time safeguarding individual freedom in the exchange of ideas and viewpoints. FSU prohibits all students, staff, and faculty from committing or engaging in any hate crimes as defined under state and federal law, or any acts of bias, hate, or prejudice exhibited in conduct that is in violation of University policy on campus, on University property, or at University-sponsored events. This Policy provides guidance for those who may have witnessed or experienced such acts and who wish to report them.