Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities: Computer Network Use Policy

Gettysburg College

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Protection from Harassment: All users are encouraged to communicate differing perspectives. Community members are also, however, entitled to work and live in an environment free of harassment. Therefore, any Gettysburg College Network activity that violates the College's harassment policies as defined at the Gettysburg College Ethics and Integrity Program and Statement of Ethical Behavior web page is prohibited.

The Gettysburg College Network and other digital resources may not be used to transmit malicious, harassing, or defamatory content of any kind. While in public, shared, or other communal areas and facilities, Network Users must also take care not to display on workstations, computers, or other devices any images, sounds, or messages which could create an atmosphere of hostility or harassment for others.

Network Users must also refrain from using the Gettysburg College Network to transmit to others in any location inappropriate images, sounds, or messages that are or are intending to be threatening, hostile, or harassing in contradiction to the Gettysburg College Community Standards and Conduct Procedures. Use of anonymity in any form of electronic or digital communication for fraudulent purposes or with the intent to harass another, misrepresent oneself as another, or any other behavior in conflict with Gettysburg College policy will be considered a violation of the Community Standards.