Expressive Freedom and Responsibility

Haverford College

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Relevant Excerpt

Haverford College has consistently and actively affirmed all students’ rights to free inquiry, assembly, and expression in the broad context of its educational mission. These rights include the right to expression of dissent through peaceful protest. The Haverford College Faculty Handbook (Section III, Subsection C) clearly states:

Haverford College holds that open-minded and free inquiry is essential to a student’s educational development. Thus, the College recognizes the right of all students to engage in discussion, to exchange thought and opinion, and to speak or write freely on any subject. […] Finally, the College reaffirms the freedom of assembly as an essential part of the process of discussion, inquiry, and advocacy. […] The freedom to learn, to inquire, to speak, to organize, and to act with conviction is held by Haverford College to be a cornerstone of education in a free society.