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Inclusive Community Response Team: Frequently Asked Questions

Illinois State University

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    Policies on Bias and Hate Speech
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What bias-related incident should be reported to the ICRT?

  • Bias incidents occur in many different ways. They can be spoken or written, or appear as symbols, signs, threats, or actions performed in person or through electronic means (e.g. email, social media). They include, but are not limited to, microaggressions (these are seemingly normal interactions that convey demeaning messages towards disenfranchised group members), bullying, vandalism, destruction of private or public property, harassment, and expressions of discrimination or hate. One thing that all bias-related incidents have in common is that they have an adverse impact on learning for Illinois State University students.


Does the ICRT take away campus community members right to freedom of expression?

  • Illinois State University recognizes and supports the right for persons to express their views under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. However, the University reserves the right to challenge protected speech that conflicts with University values through public statements, educational programming, and support of affected persons.