Policy 1121: Public Expression on Campus

James Madison University

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    Advertised Commitments to Free Expression
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As public citizens, all members of the campus community have rights guaranteed them under the United States Constitution, including the rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.


For the purposes of this policy, speech and other forms of expression that are protected under federal and state law. As defined by constitutional law, protected speech does include mere insults, vulgarity, and hateful or offensive expression under the law and under this policy, even if it irritates, annoys, outrages or angers those who hear or perceive it. Protected speech includes nonverbal expressive activity, but does not include destruction of property or behavior that disrupts the safe and orderly operation of the university. Unauthorized commercial speech or activity is not protected speech under the terms of this policy. Protected speech does not include threats, harassment, obscenity, pornography, defamation, fraud, or infringement of the intellectual property or privacy rights of others. Protected speech does not include hazing or providing false or misleading information to university officials, or behavior which otherwise violates university policy.