Policy 7840: Use of KSU Buildings and Grounds

Kansas State University

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This policy is to help provide for the safe use of KSU buildings and grounds and the avoidance of scheduling conflicts. Nothing in this policy is intended to or shall be used to prohibit free expression based on viewpoint, or to prohibit unscheduled expressive activities on KSU grounds. Safety rules and other content-neutral reasonable time, place and manner restrictions may be enforced.


For scheduled activities, a Facilities Request for Use of University Buildings and Grounds form shall be completed and submitted to the Assistant Vice President for Facilities at least one week in advance of the requested activity. Building opening requests should be submitted at least 24 hours in advance or before noon on Friday for weekends. Activities to be held on university grounds areas must be scheduled according to the same guidelines. A shorter notice period may result in a denial because of lack of time to make necessary arrangements.