Permanent Memorandum 73 Prohibiting Power-based Violence, including Sex- and Gender-based Harassment and Discrimination, and Sexual Misconduct: Sexual Misconduct

Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge

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Sexual Misconduct: A sexual act or contact of a sexual nature that occurs, regardless of personal relationship, without the consent of the other person(s), or that occurs when the person(s) is unable to give consent or whose consent is coerced or obtained in a fraudulent manner. Examples include but are not limited to threatening or causing physical harm; extreme verbal, emotional, or psychological abuse; or other conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any parson. For the purpose of this Policy, Sexual Misconduct includes,
but is not limited to, sexual abuse, violence of a sexual nature, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Sexual Exploitation, as well as Dating Violence, Domestic Violence and Stalking when on the basis of sex or gender, as well as crimes of a sexual nature as defined in Title 14 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes or at La. R.S. 44:51.


Sex- or gender-based harassment and discrimination have broad jurisdiction that includes all Title IX allegations, but also many more allegations that involve possible sex- or gender-based harassment or discrimination that do not rise to the level of a Title IX violation. If the sex- or gender-based harassment or discrimination does not meet Title IX jurisdictional requirements, then the allegation is “dismissed” as a Title IX case. The case still may be considered for possible investigation and resolution under this policy or the applicable student code of conduct, employee policies, or other relevant policy or procedure. (i.e. non-sex or gender-based misconduct). Such cases include, but are not
limited to:
a. Sex- or gender-based harassment or discrimination that does not meet the required definitions under Title IX;
b. Off-campus or online conduct, social media or other electronic media/communication where:
i. The University deems that the off-campus sexual misconduct effectively deprives someone access to LSU’s educational programs
or employment;
ii. The Title IX Coordinator, in their discretion, exercises jurisdiction, such as when the Sexual Misconduct may affect the safety or wellbeing of the LSU community
c. Instances of power-based violence that are independent of sexual misconduct.