Placement of Printed Materials on Campus Policy

McNeese State University

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To ensure that McNeese State University maintains an attractive campus appearance and protects the rights of all campus organizations and individuals as well as University property, the following rules relating to the posting of all printed materials (papers, signs, posters, and banners of any type) on campus are to be observed:

  1. Printed materials may be placed on authorized surfaces such as bulletin boards and easels in University buildings.  Maximum size for such materials is 12″ x 17″ (210 sq. in.), and one announcement per event is allowed per bulletin board/easel, where available.
  2. Printed materials may not be placed on brick, glass, or wall surfaces, as well as on doors, fences, sidewalks, trash receptacles, light poles, or trees.


  1. Non-university related or sponsored event notices or posters that are allowed to be posted should contain a statement of non-endorsement and non-guarantee of service or product by the University. Student postings express the views of the students, and not the university, unless otherwise indicated.