Public Forum Policy: Security

McNeese State University

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The Chief of University Police is the exclusive provider of security for events and activities occurring on University property and is the sole authority for determining need and quantity of officers required for an event. The Chief of University Police will consider the following content-and viewpoint-neutral guidelines when evaluating security for all events:

  • Whether the event is limited to members of the campus community or is open to the public;
  • The proposed location of the event;
  • The anticipated number of attendees;
  • The time of day that the Event is taking place;
  • The date and day of the week of the Event;
  • The proximity of the Event to other activities of locations that may interfere, obstruct, or lessen the effectiveness of the security measures being implemented;
  • The resources necessary to secure the Event;
  • The anticipated weather conditions;
  • The anticipated duration of the Event; and
  • Any similar considerations relevant to the assessment of security needs.

Contact University Police at (337) 475-5711 for general information regarding rates and terms for event security.