University Policy No. 5.06: Reserved Use of Designated University Outside Grounds

Michigan Technological University

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No prior registration or approval is required for individuals or groups who intend to speak on campus grounds generally open to the public who:

  • Require no amplification, specific equipment or setup needs; and
  • Will not unreasonably block or interfere with the normal flow of pedestrian or other traffic at the location; and
  • Will not create a safety hazard to other persons or damage to property of the University or third parties; and
  • Will not unreasonably interfere by noise or activity level with other scheduled or normal University activities (including but not limited to classes, laboratory or office activities)  at or reasonably near the location; and
  • Will not create litter as a direct result of the distribution of  written  non-commercial promotional material; and
  • Will not involve food/drink distribution or sales or commercial promotion or advertising.


In no event will subject matter or speech content be a factor in the granting or denial of a reservation or the evaluation or applicability of the above exclusions  unless the subject matter or manner of  discourse is illegal under federal or state law, including committing, advocating, threatening or urging violence, physical harm, damage  or injury to persons or property or trespassing, or threatens an unreasonable prevention of or disruption of the customary and lawful functions of the University by force,  threat of force or intentional level of activity.