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North Carolina A&T State University

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[U]se of University buildings and/or property is prohibited unless prior clearance and arrangements have been made.


All events taking place outdoors, held in venues holding 500 people or more, and/or requiring tickets sales/distribution are considered Major Events. These events often require extensive logistical needs, including but not limited to staging, sound/light equipment, campus security, musical performance/theatrical productions, etc. All persons/organizations planning major events must complete and submit the notice requirement to the University Event Center no less than thirty (30) business days prior to the proposed event date. No exceptions.


5.7.1 Occasionally, events occur which demand immediate public outcry (“unscheduled use”). It is not the intent of the University to limit students’ and University employees’ right to assemble or protest when such events occur. Unscheduled uses may occur by University Groups, Student Groups, students, and University employees provided that the activity does not interfere with University activities as described in this Policy or any events or functions for which that the occupied space has been reserved in advance.

5.7.2 Although not required, to further the effectiveness of the unscheduled use, University Groups, Student Organization Groups, students, and University employees are encouraged to contact University Event Center and Campus Police to provide notification about the activity. Advance notification enables the University to help ensure that the activity does not conflict with a reserved or scheduled use, takes place in a constructive manner, the event is effective, to safeguard the participants’ safety, and to assist organizers in seeing that the activity does not disrupt the University’s educational activities and essential processes.