Policy Number: 1-119 Nondiscrimination and Anti-Harassment- Harassment

Northern Arizona University

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Harassment is a specific form of discrimination. For purposes of this policy, harassment is unwelcome behavior based upon an individual’s actual or perceived protected status where, in aggregate, the incidents are sufficiently severe or pervasive that a reasonable person with the same protected characteristics as the victim of the harassing conduct would be adversely affected to a degree that interferes with their ability to participate in or to realize the intended benefits of an institutional activity, employment or resource Conduct over social media that rises to this level is prohibited. Harassment, as defined above, is not protected by the First Amendment.


Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment includes unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature (including unwelcome sexual advances or activity) which is sufficiently severe or pervasive to create an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment for academic pursuits, employment or participation in university sponsored programs or activities.

Examples of conduct that may, if severe or pervasive, constitute sexual harassment include, but are not limited to:

  • unwelcome physical or implied sexual advances, or requests for sexual favors;
  • inappropriate physical touching, kissing, brushing up or rubbing against another;
  • unwelcome sexually suggestive or degrading jokes, comments, insults or gestures;
  • voyeurism (which includes observing others in a state of full or partial undress or engaged in sexual activity) or non-consensual photographing or audio or video recording of another in such circumstances, or publishing or threatening to publish or disseminate such materials; or
  • inappropriate display or circulation of sexually explicit materials such as photos, pictures, posters, magazines, cartoons, or statements, whether in printed or electronic form.