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Any verbal, physical, or written act, directed at an individual, which might reasonably be construed to intimidate, coerce, or create a hostile environment for him or her and, in turn, prevent him or her from fully enjoying the benefits and conditions of association with the college. At the same time, proscriptions of verbal harassment must not have the effect of limiting the free exchange of ideas or opinions; rude or obnoxious behavior or speech – whether inside or outside the classroom – is not necessarily in itself able to be adjudicated.


Harassment includes, but is not limited to, the following examples: a. Forms of intimidation or harassment including patterned verbal (oral, written, or electronic communications, including: e-mail, text messages or other electronic media devices) acts or physical behavior related in time that deprive a reasonable person of the ability to enjoy the full benefits of their college education as a result of the perceived threat of physical harm or mental harm.