Student Rights and Code of Conduct: Freedom of Expression and Assembly

Plymouth State University

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To facilitate robust debate and the free exchange of ideas, the University has established high visibility areas on campus as “Speakers Corners” that may be used by any person, including non-students and other campus guests, for expressive activities and related conduct, including the distribution of literature. This use may be without permission from the University so long as the area has not been previously reserved or scheduled for a particular function, no sound amplification is used, and the participants do not violate other University policies.

Designated Speakers Corners include:

  1. The areas shaded green on THIS diagram of the Alumni Green,  adjacent to the Hartman Union Building; and
  2. The area between Harold E. Hyde Hall and Geneva Smith Hall.

Although it is not necessary for a person using one of the designated Speakers Corners to obtain prior permission from the University, the University encourages such persons to contact the Office of Student Life for scheduling purposes to minimize possible conflicts.

Nothing in this section shall be interpreted as limiting the right of student expression elsewhere on the campus so long as the expressive activities or related student conduct, including the distribution of literature, does not violate any other applicable University policies.